Privacy Policy

At, we maintain a consistency in transparency when it comes to our services of helping users, like you, to find an online casino they can trust and join, with safety and legal protection.

We continue our service by providing you clarity on details with regards to your rights on Privacy. By reading this Privacy Policy and all that is contained within, you are in agreement with the forthcoming conditions regarding our allowance of collecting data, your rights to your own data and how this information is shared between yourself, our service and third parties.


For clarity and understanding, will be referred to as the term ‘we’, us’, and ‘our’ throughout parts of this policy.

As for you, the reader of this policy, you shall have reference to the terms ‘players’, ‘followers’, ‘members’, ‘users’, or/and ‘user’

The website will also be referred to, in part, as Public Area.

2. Information We Collect Through Our Services:

Users wishing to use the Public Area will have vital details about them collected. The reason why we action this at are listed below.


Information gathered about the user will allow us to better the experience and improve our bespoke service in keeping with what the user enjoys from our services. This is made possible through tracking the user’s movements throughout all the Public Area.


Information about the user can be requested, this personal information can pertain to the user’s full name, their date of birth, residential address, email and contact number. Though the passing of information is digressional and the user has a choice, in some cases it would be necessary for us to know such information, an example being to make sure the user is of legal age to use our services at


Data collecting can be done automatically through the user’s device and IP address. This carries information which is cached within data cookies. This information gives us access to a log of sites the users went to before and where they will go after. From this data, we will monitor the dates the user accessed our Public Area, the time so we can develop an idea of how long our services are averagely used for, it also informs us what pages within were used. We use this data to be able to interact with the user, either by email or via instant messaging.


Authorised Services is a collection process that is willingly handed to us by the user. This can, for example, be an email address for the subscription of a newsletter. From the details that are provided by users to we can improve our services to provide a tailor-made experience, we better our security and information can in specific cases be passed to third party businesses to add to your online experience.

Authorised data has included email, gender, photo ID, date of birth, full name and contact details.

3. How the Information We Collect is used will obtain data from all members that access our Public Area. This information is important in how it helps our website validates the numerous services to our committed members. Here are examples of how this works…

3.1 Operational Services

Data that has been collected will help in the operation of, through maintenance and service to enhance a user’s experience. It can assist with requests made by the user. It can help with comments and questions that are raised regarding

3.2 Service Improvements

The data will help become a more improved place. The analysis of data and assessing the trends regarding our own service can lead to improvements. This can help to form new products, update existing services, and update the lesser used function on our Public Area.

3.3 Communications

Data collected can also be used solely for administrative purposes. This allows us to communicate directly with the user when it comes to the following examples:

(a) The infringements of the user’s rights.

(b) Violations or complaints.

(c) Bespoke user promotions.

(d) Offering exclusive offers to products found within

Users of our site can withdraw from such services as mentioned in sec.5 Your Rights.

3.4 Tracking and Cookie Technology

All members accessing will have their IP address details immediately synced to our system, form which, we are able to automatically retrieve cookie data. This is a common process across all websites and why you are given a notification by asking for permission to access data when you first come on our website.

This data helps with the following:

(a) Develop personalized services.

(b) Customised advertisement and bespoke content.

(c) Provide information to third party and monitoring affiliates.

(d) Tracking of entry, login statuses, submissions, and the use of promotions.

3.5 Analytics

At, we use the latest Google Analytics tool to enable us to measure and evaluate all the traffic that comes through our Public Area. Google is an entirely independent business and is not affiliated with in any way. The tool is used for reporting, this helps us to better our platform. Google can, however, access these analytics and see the data of our users.

Because of this and our belief in your privacy, we take great protection over your rights and, as such, any information shared will be non-identifiable and, in most instances, the requirement of Google’s intervention is to resolve technical issues.

4. Disclosure of Information

When it comes to disclosure of information, this has been passed to under the consent of the user in the following circumstances:

4.1 Information which is Unrestricted

Voluntarily provided data can be left in our Public Area by the user, an example of this would be the use of our comments section that is accessible to all members engaged with

4.2 Service Providers is accessed by third party affiliates who must maintain the website, hosting, and its development throughout our serviceable areas. These third party affiliates will have access to all information and personal data, this will, however, be limited to a measure where it is adequate enough for them to perform their duties. All affiliates are contracted to maintain confidentiality over the data they have access to. This agreement is bided by law to further secure your privacy.

4.3 Non Identifiable Information

Because auto-collected data in non-identifiable, this is passed onto third parties to assist in the following areas:

(a) Reporting.

(b) Marketing.

(c) Content Analytics.

(d) Usage Patterns.

4.4 Legal Processes and Compliance

At, we will disclose personal data where necessary. If it is required of us to adhere to legal compliance, then we will act as the law permits. We will comply in the case of court orders, warrants, judicial practices, and subpoenas. will cooperate with government agencies and law enforcement. We will uphold legal rights where possible and as assist in the following:

(a) Protection of property i.e.

(b) Enforcement of our contacts.

(c) Security of our services.

(d) Defence from third-party allegations or claims.

(e) Protection from fraudulent behaviour.

(f) Case of liability.

4.5 Change of Ownership

Should fall under change of ownership through sale or merger, then all personal data will be available to the overtaken party. The new owners of will still by law have to provide and commit to the measure of Privacy support because of your legal rights. This data be passed to the new member either physically or electronically. The acquisition of may come via the sale of assets, bankruptcy, or insolvency.

5. Your Rights

We will always have your interests at heart and place your privacy in the highest regard. As such, you can rightfully gain access to the stored data we hold on you. This data can be requested from our support team. The data can be deleted or even amended in case something is incorrect. You can decline to have your data collected from specific areas of our service, but this may affect performances within other areas of our Public Area.

5.1 Analytical Information

You are fully within your rights to opt from the data collected by Google Analytics. In order to process this change and opt-out of this, you must adjust your Google Analytics settings.

5.2 Suspending Commercial Communication

You are within your rights to unsubscribe from commercial communications. If you wish to opt-out of an emailing list, details of how to unsubscribe can be found at the bottom of any email which requires you to simply click on the unsubscribe link. With, the deletion process can take up to 10 days. During which time, you may receive emails from our third parties. Note that once their contact has been terminated, you still may receive direct emails from us and our own services.

6. Third-Party Services

At, we supply linked services and features that provide a third-party connection. Should you decide to use any of the third-party services, we cannot be held responsible for the details you pass onto them, nor how they use the information. We advise all users to research the services of third-party members before joining their services and handing over data.

7. Privacy Shield complies with the EU’s GDPR, General Dara Protection Regulation. When it regards the use and retention of all personal data and information. If there is a conflict of interest regarding the GDPR, then the GDPR shall govern the process of inspection. is part of the GDPR and complies with the EU regulations. When it comes to the collection and storing of information and personal data,, is recognised by the General Data Protection Regulation body and should any conflict of interest happened between the user, member, and, then all inspections are done by the GDPR.

8. Third Party Cookies

There are four different types of auto-collected cookies that come directly from the user, perhaps without them being aware of it.

8.1 Cookie Functions Used in

  • Essential Cookies - This cookie tracker allows you to navigate through faster and with ease. It will identify you as a regular user.
  • Performance – This cookie tracker helps us to record the usage and movements of the user throughout our Public Area. This helps us to know what areas of the site are less common and can help to locate errors that rarely come up.
  • Function Cookies –These cookies help to memorize data such as login details, website settings like language and font and image settings.
  • Behavioural targeted Cookies – These cookies are linked to marketing and advertising and will be the main source of data that is passed onto third parties. This again helps to produce tailor-made services to individual users.

9. Minors and Children’s Privacy is an adult entertainment service. We do not provide any service or product that is aimed at children under the age of 18. You make it a policy to not make the services of attractive to minors and we do not set out to willingly collect data of any minors that have used our services in error.

(a) If you are legally underage and by law not allowed to use our services that are linked to online gambling, we ask that you cease using our website and service.

(b) If you are a parent or a legal guardian and believe your child has been illegally accessing our site and service, please contact us immediately for us to remove their data and act accordingly to give you peace of mind.

We do not provide or support an underage service; it is not our intention to store data of those under the legal gambling age. We must state that though we will try to remove all data, we cannot guarantee that all content is erasable.

10. Data Security has regulation standards to adhere to, we comply with rules that protect data has been provided to us. We retain the highest administrative standards and offer a technical and a physical safeguard over the data that has been acquired.

No data under our storage will be altered or tampered with. When in our possession, there will be no unlawful process enacted with your data. is backed by the best SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software. This is an encryption program that codes all data and cannot be accessed from external sources.

With this said and our reliance on technology to do its job, we cannot guarantee 100% security. With this, any information passed onto us is done so at the user’s risk. Any breach of personal information whilst in our hands, we will contact you immediately. If you believe a breach has happened without our awareness, then please contact us immediately.

11. Data Retention

Data retention by is kept for a limited period of time. Primarily data is used for the benefit of our service and one this data has allowed us to make the necessary changes and improvements, it is deemed to be of no use after. If in the case of a legal matter, data may be kept longer. This is to support the user’s rights and our own should the case be made against us.

12. Settings

You have the right to change and adjust your privacy setting on your device. You must also be aware that accessing these changes can open security breaches. No site online can ever fully guarantee 100% safety, so bear this in mind when performing any personal settings on an open web.

13. Data Transfer

Whilst our services comply with EU standards, in regards to security, we cannot be accountable for third-parties. We use the best software to transfer data and are confident in our systems. We cannot, however, account for security measures used by other third party affiliates that may use your data provided by us.

14. Data Controller and Data Processor

The EU GDPR recognise as the Data Controller and as classified under the regulation of 2016/679, we are responsible for the data and how it is controlled whilst in the possession of Our services and property cannot, however, be responsible for third parties and is protected by the regulations. This is equal to any subcontractors that use the data outside of

15. Changes and Updates to this Policy

Please note that our Privacy Policy is aligned with the latest laws and regulations. These will no doubt change over the course of time and, as such, details within our Privacy Policy will be updated when required. To be aware of your rights, we recommend that you do check back from time to time to see if any updates affect you.

As it stands, by reading this, you agree to the current policy of our service and you have understood your rights and our rights as a service provider. You agree all that is referenced to in this current version of our Privacy Policy.

Last update: January 2021


Daniel Chapman is our Editor-in-Chief. A man of many talents, he has been with OCNZ for the past three years. He graduated from the University of Waikato with a Master of Arts degree, so he knows what he is doing when it comes to ensuring that all of the content we publish is epic.

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