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New online casinos are breaking onto the casino scene all of the time, and one that could go on to be the next big thing is Britain Play. Now, we must stress here right away that this is a British casino that is available to UK players only, so you will not be able to play there. However, we recommend that you carry on reading since it is always nice to learn about different casinos from around the world, so you can compare to those online casinos that you can register with. We must also emphasise that this casino has not yet been released to the British public, but we have exciting thoughts about what is coming up in the casino world. So, let us crack on with our Britainplay Casino review.

What Slot Games at BritainPlay Should I Look out for?

We are going to start this review by having a look at the games that could be available Britainplay Casino. We are starting off our Britainplay review by looking at the games that may be on offer because we believe that the games are the most important part of an online casino. In fact, a new online casino that has a rubbish games selection is practically asking for trouble.

Now, a lot of players, when searching for a new casino to open an account with, become fixated on what they can get from the Welcome Bonus, but this is worth nothing without the right games. An online casino could have the world's best Welcome Bonus, but if they don't have the games to deliver the right entertainment, they will leave as soon as that bonus credit runs out - or even before.

There are many online casinos out there that slack when it comes to the game department, but we're hoping BritainPlay should not be one of these. If they can stack together around 600-700 games, there will be no boredom for those who play at this casino for Brits.

Below we are going to have a look at the possible selection of Britainplay Casino games that they could have available, but if any of our information turns out to be incorrect, we will obviously return to this Britainplay online casino review and make the necessary changes.

Slot games are the most popular games that you will find at an online casino. They are so popular due to the fact that they offer hours of fun, are really diverse, and give players the opportunity to win big sums of money without risking a lot of their own cash. At Britain Play, like at most online casinos, you should find more slots than any other game type. No matter what type of theme you are interested in when it comes to slots, you should find a wide variety of slots at this British Casino.

So, since this casino is only in the United Kingdom, if you have a British friend who loves their slots, both classic and jackpots, you could do them a huge favour by telling them about the Britain Play casino, so they can keep a lookout for when it is released.

Here are some of the potential slot games that you might be able to find Play in Britain:

  • Starburst™
  • 243 Crystal Fruits™
  • 777Strike™
  • Book of Kings™
  • Solar Temple™

What BritainPlay Table Games Can I Expect?

Slot games are really popular, but obviously there are many online casino players out there that prefer playing table games because they pose more of a challenge and require a bit of thinking. Slot games are all about luck, but when it comes to table games, you need a bit of skill too. Also, even those who love slots might feel like a break from them every so often. Thus, at most online casinos you will come across a good variety of baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette.

Those Brits who sign up with this new online casino should be able to find all of the traditional table games that we just mentioned above. While there will not be as huge a selection as the Britainplay slots, we would be surprised if they did not have more than enough to keep their players highly entertained.

The following table games that you may find at Britainplay Casino include:

  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps

Can I Expect a BritainPlay Live Casino?

Sometimes players will be looking for a more immersive and real gambling experience, and any online casino that is worth its salt will be well aware of this. We are sure that Britainplay Casino are well aware, which is why we would be pretty shocked if they did not have their own Britainplay live casino that their punters can make use of.

For those who are new to the online gambling world, a live casino is a studio room that has been set up to look like a land-based casino. There will be a variety of tables, and each table will have a real-life dealer behind it, and the action will be streamed to you via HD cameras. You will be able to play a game and talk to the dealer and whomever else happens to be playing at your table.

When a new online casino is being created, there are plenty of important decisions that the owners need to make before they open their casino to the public, and one of these is deciding on which software developers to team up with. There is not a right or wrong decision here regarding the number that they team up with, but it is vital that they ensure they build a partnership with some quality ones.

So, which software developers has this British casino decided to team up with? We are looking forward to finding out the answer. These are the providers on our wish list:

Will I Be Able to Play BritainPlay UK on Mobile?

Nowadays, more and more online casino players want the option of being able to gamble on their mobile devices as this gives them the chance to gamble wherever they happen to be. Online casino owners know that if they do not offer a very good mobile gaming experience to their players, then they run the risk of losing valuable customers. In such a competitive industry, this is something that they definitely can't afford to happen.

Britain Play should be aware that their potential new players will want to be able to play on their mobile device, which is why it would be a shock if they did not have a Britainplay mobile casino. This is often the case with a new online casino because they have come into being at a time when mobile gaming is rife. There is one key way to ensure that their casino is mobile compatible too, which we will explore below.

Is There a BritainPlay Mobile App?

Aside from the Britainplay mobile casino website, those who open an account with this casino might also be able to download a Britainplay app if they so wish. Many an online casino nowadays has their own app, and it is always worth considering downloading one because not only are they faster than the mobile site, but they also use up less data.

However, those who do not have space on their mobile device for a potential Britainplay app should not worry too much since the mobile website should be more than good enough for an awesome mobile gambling experience because a lot of sites are built with modern HTML software.

What Payment Methods at BritainPlay Will There Be?

Before you dive in and start opening an account with an online casino, it is important that you look at the different deposit and withdrawal options that are available. By doing this, you will be able to see if they have banking options that you are familiar with and enjoy using. If they do not have any banking options that you know, we recommend you sign up elsewhere.

So, what banking methods will you find at Britainplay UK? Well, you should be able to find the following common ones, at least, for making Britainplay deposits:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Will BritainPlay Provide Responsible Gambling Features?

Gambling responsibly is really important, and when it comes to responsible gambling, you can do yourself a huge favour by setting a budget and making sure that you stick to it. When you have spent your budget money, do not tell yourself that it fine to spend more. It's more than OK to have a break.

This Brit Casino will most likely be regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, so they should definitely be fully committed to responsible gambling. Thus, when Britons play their favourite games, we are sure they will be able to find common responsible gambling features like deposit limits and self-exclusion periods.

When it comes to deposit limits, you can restrict how much money you are allowed to deposit each day, week or month. With a self-exclusion option, you have the ability to block your account access for a period of time if you believe that you are no longer in control of your gambling. Furthermore, most online casinos tend to work with addiction charities that can help players that feeling they are going too far to help handle any issues. Some of the most common organisations that help Kiwis with these types of challenges are as follows:

Final Thoughts on BritainPlay

Obviously, we do not know all the details about this new casino, soon to be set loose on the British public, but from what we can see in the pipeline, casino players in the UK will not be disappointed. They should have plenty of Britainplay slots and table games to enjoy, for a start.

With regard to the Britainplay Welcome Bonus offer, we do not yet know whether it will be made up of bonus money, free spins, or a bit of both. Whatever the Britainplay bonus turns out to be, we are quite sure that it will end up being a good one. In all honesty, we cannot wait to see the Britainplay casino bonus that is made available. Just remember to read all of the terms and conditions of any bonus before signing up!

Overall, it is great when a new casino lands on the market, as it can force any online casino that is slacking to improve their game. Britainplay Casino is one that Brits should definitely look out for; and given that it could offer some interesting ideas to Kiwi casinos, it should be one you should be excited for too.


Is BritainPlay Casino legal?

Yes, BritainPlay would be legal to play in New Zealand - or at least it would be if it were available for Kiwis to play. BritainPlay is a UK Casino for players from the United Kingdom. That's not to worry though! If a British casino is what you are after, there are still plenty of fantastic options for you to check out on our website, which are both fully legal and available to play in New Zealand

Do I Need a BritainPlay Casino Bonus Code? 

Players in the UK may need to use a bonus code in order to use any BritainPlay casino bonus. Unfortunately, this welcome bonus will not be available to Kiwis at launch, but we are hoping that if BritainPlay will open its doors to us Kiwis, we will be able to claim promotions a-plenty - bonus codes or no bonus codes.

What Is the Payout Time? 

Payout Times will always depend on the withdrawal method; what may take 10 days for one provider may only take 24 hours for another. We are hoping that BritainPlay Casino offer a wide variety of these options so that UK players are able to withdraw their winnings without delay.

What Banking Options Do They Offer? 

The best new online casinos survive because they offer a plethora of banking options. Whether you want to deposit with PayPal, VISA, Interac, or any of the other major providers, if a casino is able to offer you the service you desire, you are more likely to play with casinos that offer banking options you like than those without them. We are even hoping BritainPlay deposits in Bitcoin will be available, to push the industry to accepting more cryptocurrency deposits.

What Is the RTP%?

Online casinos tend to provide slot games with an RTP of 97% - or around that, so we hope to see nothing different from this new British casino. Slot games with the highest RTP would be best for UK players, but the industry standard is around the 95-95% mark.

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