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To those looking to gamble online for the first time, it can be daunting taking those first steps. Many questions cloud the thought process of whether it is right or wrong, are there risks and how legitimate it all is. So, we created this online casino guide that looks at playing with real money in casinos.

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Introduction to our Online Casino Real Money NZ Guide

The idea of gambling still comes with many ifs and buts when questioning the approach, especially if you have never gambled before. Add to this a world of online access and more questions soon become posed on safety, legitimacy and fairness. With our online casino real money NZ review, we look at the subject of gambling online and call it for what it is. We discuss the obvious facts of putting your money out there hoping to land a big casino win real money payout.

But we also cover other topics such as playing real money casino games and the options presented by the best casinos online. How you are able to win real money online casino for free and discuss the safety and legal concerns you may feel when thinking of joining one of the many online casino real money NZ sites that we have listed on our website.

Why Should I trust Real Money Casinos?

First, let us be crystal clear, there are no doubt some sites out there running illegally and with bad intentions. There are also sites that are lazy in their service and have poor performance records when it comes to paying and not keeping to the industry's codes of conduct. So, why should you trust any online casino? Well, the answer is simple, and it may surprise you to read that we would advise that you approach every casino with caution!

Safety First

Yes, we highlight a lot in our reviews that players must question everything about an online casino, from safety to the topic of being legal. We would rather all online players take the cautious approach and research a bit more, rather than going gung-ho into a casino and with no consideration towards whether the site is legal or using the right safety software.

A bit of time and patience is all that is asked. Let us face the fact, it is your money and your personal details that are being handed over, it's not something that should be taken lightly, when it only takes a few minutes of your time to research and understand. This is why this review was put together to open the doors on what online gambling is about and how you can approach it in all the right manners.

Online Casino Legalities

Through our website, you will have access to the best options for casino entertainment within the New Zealand market. So, we firstly look at the overall important factor when it comes to gaining the trust of an online casino, and it begins with their license status.

Before we take on the task of compiling any review, here at, we raise the important questions ourselves. Is the site regulated and licensed, is it safe and are they legally allowed to run their business in the NZ region?

When it comes to licensing, it is no easy task for an operator to acquire a government approved document that states your business is now an online gambling service. Many registering for a license fail, many registering may not get an answer for 12 months, it is a labour intensive ask to get the approval and green flag from an official governing body or committee and there are online a handful of them around the world.

  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Curaçao eGaming Authority
  • Panama Gaming Control Board

These are the few that dictate who is worthy of an online gambling license.

Going from casino design to license can take about 1 to 2 years, getting it online after several months, so for legitimate sites, it is a long journey to meet the standards and requirements of one or more of these gambling bodies.

So, with none of these authorities being associated with New Zealand, how does the license work and how are these online casinos classed as New Zealand online casinos?

Gambling Act of 2013: New Zealand Law

Legal discussion can be insightful, but also incredibly boring. So, we are going to break this down into the facts. Part One: what is illegal according to the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2013 and in Part Two: what is legal according to the Act of 2013 when it comes to gambling in NZ.

Part One: Illegal

  • It is illegal to register any remote business in New Zealand as an online casino.
  • It is illegal for a remote online casino to exist.
  • No regulated governing body is able to license any such business.
  • Online casinos in breach of the law will be fined.
  • Illegal sites will be shut down and made inaccessible.

Part Two: Legal

  • Players living in New Zealand are allowed to gamble online in casinos registered outside of New Zealand.
  • Casinos with an online license must first seek approval from the New Zealand Gambling Commission. Approved and the site is accessible, and an annual fee is paid as a business tax.

So, to be clear, no online casino is actually registered in New Zealand. All casinos are registered outside of New Zealand, thusly complying with the requirements. Most online casinos are registered in Malta, Gibraltar, Curaçao and in the United Kingdom. This is the case for all online casinos listed on our site, every one of them meeting the rules of the NZ gambling law.

They are classed as New Zealand casinos, simply because they are built to accept NZD currency and they are accessible to Kiwi players legally. Simple as that.

When we review a real money casino, we check that the license is valid and in date and this information is shared with you inside each review.

Online Casino Safety Measures

The second most valuable aspect of any online casino is the software integrated into their systems that will protect you from having your details hacked and extracted from the casino. There are two areas of interest, the casino and the banking process.

The banking process is looked after by your own payment service provider. They will secure your deposits and withdrawals. The casino will in part implement the same measures for your payments, and also look after all sensitive data that has been input during your registration process and any information added thereafter.

Both the casino and bank use one ingenious software tool called the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The SSL software is an encryption tool that codes all data on the user's server. You can notice this in the top left corner of your browser that displays a secured padlock icon.

The SSL tool has the best safety record of any online firewall and each year the SSL certificate must be updated.

When we run our check on the sites recommended to our users, this is something we assess, when the SSL was made valid and when it expires. All casinos online use this software, it is used by all major financial bodies and firms and even military establishment. The 128-bit SSL system will guarantee your money and information is secure from online cyber-attacks and without, no casino would be on our list of recommended NZ online casinos.

Types of Real Money Casinos

Software always plays an integral role in providing players with security and entertainment, plus access to customer support care if needed. Accessing a casino is also a big factor. Within our digital age, we are spoilt with a choice of how we entertain ourselves. It is abundantly clear that mobile smartphones are the most used of all devices and since casinos updated their software to be mobile compatible in 2015 as standard, it has become the number one global device of choice to access online casinos.

Evolution of Software

The global software change meant that all casinos switched to an HTML 5 program, which essentially means that everything is accessed via the browser, no additional systems are required. Before 2015, you may have had to install Flash and Java before that.

With these changes and advancements in technology, there are now four main ways of accessing online casinos and casino games. Here we share with you the four ways in which you are able to play online with real NZD money and experience online gambling how you want and wish to experience it.


When it comes to mobile casinos for real money, this is still accessing the casino's browser via your mobile that will reconfigure the site to suit your mobile browser setting. From your mobile, you are still able to access all the games and services offered by the online gambling operator. Mobile casino access is open to any device. This is different from the app play offered which we will come to later.


For a long time, the desktop or PC was the only way of accessing online casino real money sites. The access of a desktop casino gave players the full experience prior to 2015, additional software would have needed to have been downloaded to play any of the games but complete access to all games and services was possible.


This is about real money casino apps. Instant play casinos are attributed to mobile apps and are called this because of how fast the service works. The app allows the user to play on a casino's platform fully augmented for their device. At first, not all casino games where accessible when sites transitioned to HTL 5 software, this was due to the games having not been built to a degree of current technological standards. Instant play real money online casino NZ sites are accessible through software systems such as Windows, Android and iOS.

Through our site, you will be able to access the best Android casino real money platforms and iOS casino operators who each provide free official app downloads directly from their site.


One way to access a real money casino was to download it. The downloading of an online casino real money site has been around since the 90s. This was solely for PC users and later in the 2000s for Mac users.

Whole casino software could be downloaded from the site for free, enabling you to play online and offline, with a lot more convenience as it took away the buffering time of games loading up.

As you can imagine, given the convenience of mobile gameplay, the download option is now a rare thing, but if an avid PC user, worth the time installing for a better performance across all games.

TOP 3 Online Casinos to Play at for Real Money
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Wildz $500+ 200 Free Spins
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Gate 777 $1500+ 150 Free Spins
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Caxino Casino €200+ 100 Free Spins
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The Best Real Money Casino Games

We understand the excitement and thrill that comes even before you play real casino games online. The sense of possibility and reality that you could win huge amounts of online casino real money NZ dollars. From accessing real money slots to games of real money bingo, from live games of European roulette to online poker tournaments. There really are lots of ways to scoop and land online casino real money NZ dollars from the games presented. But what games will you play? What are the best games to win? Are some casino games easier than others?

Figure Out what you're Looking For

For many newly registered players, it is already clear in their minds what their core games are going to be. For some players, it can be just the one area of the casino, if you only want to take part in sports betting that is perfectly normal and common. If you want to expand further and add slots, live roulette and sports betting into your repertoire of gaming, you can do any course of action you want. For new players, it could be a case of finding your feet, learning about games in their demo mode first before committing to the real money games.

The best games for you and not necessarily the best games for everyone else. Players aspire to achieve different things. Some find gambling a success walking away with a profit of $10 and have the same heightened sense of achievement as someone winning $10,000!

Some people like slots, some don't, some like to bet on live sports but don't enjoy the live dealer casino games. The best online real money casino games are the ones that give you that best individual enjoyment.

Real Money Slots

The largest casino win real money options are right here. Online slot machines that are easy to play, fast to complete and payout the largest return of any casino game.

Slots are a simple concept, a standard slot machine has 5 reels, each mixed with an array of symbols and the task is to align a set of symbols that determine the prize amount you get in return.

Slots are the most diverse game of any platform out there. In terms of style and the themes the slot covers, it is unmatched. You can explore new worlds every day and even experience officially licensed slots of your favourite Hollywood movies.

There are literally thousands of real money slots to pick from and it is home to the Progressive Jackpot option. If you want to win big and win the largest known prizes on the market, these slot variants are what you need to be playing.

The best advice we can give to help you win real money slot prizes is to focus on the more popular games, look for newly released titles and the games that hold the biggest jackpots. These online slot games have more frequent payouts due to the popular demand for them.

Real Money Cards

Online card games can be experienced in two different forms, there are card games that play as slots on virtual machines. Then you have the same games that are developed to be played with a live dealer which is streamed from a real gaming table.

In the category of card play, you will find:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat.

What comes with them are their own unique variants with games such as:

  • Caribbean stud poker
  • 3-card poker
  • Pontoon and many others.

Video Poker

A large portion of poker games can be found in the virtual form of video poker. This is slot play for card lovers. Here you can experience games such as:

  • Wild Deuces
  • Jacks or Better
  • Aces and Eights
  • Joker Poker.

The best tip to help you win real money card games is to head to the live casino dealer games. This is you versus casino in its truest form. Live games are built to allow players to win by pure luck and chance, whereas machines are programmed with algorithms that take a proportion of realism away.

Real Money Tables

As with the card games, table features are provided by the virtual game and live dealer streams. In the category of table gameplay, you will be able to experience the likes of :

  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo

The new features bring a freshness to the winnable opportunities with titles such as:

  • Deal or No Deal
  • Monopoly Live
  • The Dream Catcher.

Live tables also provide an opportunity to experience variants that were once just associated with the virtual machines. In both forms, you can now access French, American and European roulette, live double ball and double wheel roulette. Lightning dice, football studio and super sic bo.

Just like cards, our best tip would be to experience the real money table games in their live format to better the opportunity of winning more real money in NZD.

Real Money Sports Betting

Sports betting is massive in every country and with our TOP casinos, you will be able to access the best betting markets to wager on every sporting event, match, game and race hosted in every country around the world.

Every sport has a huge number of betting markets linked to it, far beyond just betting who will win, lose or draw. Sports betting is a haven for players that want to put their knowledge to the test, this is more about knowledge and skill than luck or chance, hence why people love this so much.

Sports betting allows you to mix bets, mix sports, build accumulative bets, get access to the latest sporting stats, you can play live and place in-play bets and also cash out whether you're up on a bet or down!

The best tip we can suggest to win more real money sports payout is to use logic, the strategy is to accept that not every bigger team or player has their day, you need to be brave in sticking with a gut feeling and not following your head. We can guarantee that if you picked every top team in their league and built a 10-game accumulator, you wouldn't win, and this is a fact you have to be aware of when betting online with sports.

Advantages of Playing at Real Money Online Casino

There are many reasons why people have turned to online casinos and why numbers are falling inside of land-based casinos. Here are some of the advantages that steer clear of the obvious reason of convenience in access.

  • Players can claim a number of real money casino no deposit NZ rewards and bonuses to play with from many promotions.
  • You can access free online casino games real money no deposit bonus offers when you first register.
  • You can play real casino games online from any device including your mobile smartphone.
  • Players wanting to play live casino games can get real money casino no deposit bonus codes that reward them with more cash credit.
  • The gaming numbers are far superior. No one land-based casino can compete with the number of available games from those even in the smaller scale of online casinos.
  • You get to keep what you win and have it paid instantly into your bank account.

FAQ: Answering the Popular Question about Playing with Real Money

Here are gathered all the most commonly asked questions related to playing with real money.

What is the best way to win money at an online casino?

Play the games you know the rules of. This steams from practicing which is a major strategy in any form of gameplay that an online casino provides. Don’t waste money learning whilst you play, otherwise, you will immediately start making a loss. Practice first, learn the games, learn which games are more profitable, then play for real money NZ dollars.

What are the best real money casino games?

The best games are those with lowered house edges against the player and provide the right entertainment for you personally. Statically speaking, the best games to play online are as follows: Blackjack Baccarat Poker Roulette

Why should I play casino games online for real money?

If you are going to spend time playing them for fun with no payout, this is totally fine, but there is fun without risk and then there is fun with risk and the rewards are putting real money into your bank account. The list of reasons to do it online rather than at a land-based casino is numerous: More gaming choice Higher jackpots to be won Betting financial management Access online sites from any device Play online any day night, time and location, it’s 100% convenient

What are the best free casino win real money bonuses?

From real money casino no deposit NZ bonuses to real money casino free spins. All promotions are there to give you a hand and Welcome Bonuses shouldn’t be overlooked as a new member. These one-off limited exclusive offers can give any new player a huge balance boost to play with and win from.

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