Online Casino Payment Options – Best Internet Banking Services in NZ 

Welcome to our guide that takes a look at the banking methods available through each and every recommended here, at We shall be discussing all types of online payment services that are open to players using Kiwi dollars and even crypto coins.

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Introduction to the Online Casino Payment Methods

Online casino Internet banking has been part and parcel of the industry since its infancy. Since the first online casino, back in 1996, payment options have developed and evolved.

There have been many payment systems that have led the way in commerce that have been stapled in the market. There have been many new innovative methods that are spearheading the many options to help players gain access and to support their time playing inside the best online casinos in New Zealand and across the entire world.

This guide focuses on the online casino internet banking NZ options and the new opportunities that can be picked up by players wishing to control their payments how they wish. Through this guide, you will also be linked to more detailed reviews on each of the services where you can learn how they function and how they are used by numerous users online, already registered with our top casinos and their service.

Your Choices: Casino payment options

In this section of our guide, we take a clear look at the online casino banking options. These are broken down into the category of service. You have your traditional forms of online casino banking from credit card suppliers, through to the evolution of the cryptocurrency.

1: Credit Card

For many players, this is the most commonly used form of payment as it would be for any customer purchasing goods from the Internet. Credit card banking is presided over by the two main figures in the market. These names VISA and Mastercard. This option of payment also covers the use of debit card payment. Both work and both offer the same high standards of security. You do not have to open a credit card account to play online, debit works just as well.

Using Plastic to Win Coins

When it comes to credit and debit cards, it's now commonplace to know how it works as it's been the #1 option since the Internet screeched its dial-tones at us in the 90s.

Debit cards are tied with your bank account, so if the money is in there, you can spend it. With credit cards, the money may not be present and is later paid off with the interest that comes with it. Bear this in mind when knowing your limitation and how you conduct yourself whilst gambling online.

There are many benefits that we touch on in the individual reviews, so here are just some highlights of those that can be experienced by users of plastic to help them win real payments when playing online.


✅ Instant deposits are made from account to casino, literally take a few seconds to process.

✅ Usable through Mac, Tablet, Mobile and PC.

✅ Easy to track spending.

✅ Used by 100% of online casinos around the world and in New Zealand.

✅ Transactions are secured by 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software.

✅ Regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

2: E-Wallet

It is one of the new and convenient forms of making payments via the Internet. This is an electronic cash service that can be used with the aid of a smartphone or a standard computer. To simply describe this method of payment, it is seen as a virtual debit or credit card that links your original banking service through a third-party that, in some cases, can withhold your actual details from being transmitted through the transactions.

Virtual Payment for Real Wins

The service of e-wallets has been on the market now since 1999 and offers very beneficial services to those using it to link with their preferred online casino. The software behind the tools of service have in-built components that store the player's confidential data and provides the highest level of protection through encrypting the data to secure the transaction.

The first 'virtual' banking service of this kind came about through Neteller, in 1999, which since has been developed into a global FCA approved payment method. Soon after, many companies joined this market, with the likes of Skrill and EcoPayz becoming. These competitors have a reach over 200 countries and counting with the support of over 40 currencies.

More can be read on these individual services from their reviews, but here are some beneficial highlights to give you an understanding of why millions opt for this service with online casinos.


✅ Easy and convenient money transfer.

✅ All banking accounts can be handled by one service.

✅ Transaction scan be instant.

✅ Personal banking data is encrypted.

✅ Specialist bonuses can be claimed using this form of service.

3: Offline Payment System

Not confident about how your payment will be handled? Then this is no problem at all, and, in fact, you have a number of options that can help if you are in doubt.

Offline banking services may seem a bit odd in the digital-age but they are still used. This includes the option of making bank wire transfers, so the payment goes from a bank account to casino account. Otherwise, there are options such as cheques and bank drafts via services like Western Union, that fall under the category of offline payments.

Pay Offline to Play Online

Though seen by many as one of the lest convenient options - yes, it can be time-consuming with the factors of travel involved to process the payment - making transactions offline are still supported by many of the best online casinos in New Zealand. Some of the benefits are listed below, but should you want more details, please head to the individual payment reviews to learn about the offline banking services you can use in New Zealand.


✅ One to one communication with your transaction.

✅ Personal assistance with the banking service.

✅ No data being put online.

✅ No banking data left with the casino.

✅ Time for the transaction can help to regulate the way you play responsibly.

4: Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to the most modern form of banking and the newest entity of payment, cryptocurrency is still very much a new payment service. The most popular of the many options is, undoubtedly, the Bitcoin. It received exciting press, bad press, and confusion which somewhat settled in the middle.

It took a bit of time for the air to clear around this idea of paying with digital money that wasn't even tied to an FCA approved bank. After the media circus, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies remained un-budged and undeterred to supply customers with a new forward-thinking banking service, bringing a sense of ideals that paper money will no-longer become relevant in first-world countries in the foreseeable future and that if everything can be sold or bought online, then the cryptocurrency is the only solution going forward.

Embracing the Future of Money Right Now

Not everyone will have access to cryptocurrencies. Those who played the markets early will have profited greatly by investing at the right time. Though prices have increased in terms of conversion value, players are still able to turn their dollars into digitalized money. If making the switch, there are a number of pluses that support this method of payment, especially in the gambling market. Indeed, they see crypto coins as something of huge importance given that blockchain businesses and technology are slowly coming out to the world of business organization.

More on individual crypto services can be read in the review, but here are just some of the benefits to support any decision to switch to the future of payment service.


✅ Both deposits and withdrawals can be completed within 24-hours.

✅ Users can get anonymity with private transactions.

✅ High-end security that codes all payment data with a one-off serial code that means no BTC can be duplicated.

✅ Specialist gaming tools have been developed, called provably fair slot machines. These run algorithm checks before a bet is placed to check the system is fair and not corrupted by a fault or bug.

✅ Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning that no government on the planet has control over it. So, if you are in a country that bans online casinos, they cannot stop you playing with the form of payment if you join a bitcoin/cryptocurrency supported online casino.

TOP 3 Online Casinos with Best Payment Methods
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Think Before You Play: What do you have to pay attention to whilst selecting your payment method?

There are a number of things to consider and weigh-up when it comes to using any of the most popular banking methods for online casinos.

Starting your online account

Banking details are not added during the process of your registration, for many online casinos, your registration process deals with your personal information. So, when you sign up online, you hand over your full name and address, date of birth, email, chosen username and password. These are the main details that go into the registration, only after, when you confirm your account, you then add your preferred banking details.

It is really important to check if you are able to use any of the casino's payment facilities of your choice prior to registration so you do not lose any time, should you wish to change any optional service from one original banking provider to another post-registration.

Factors to consider when choosing a payment method

Convenience is always the main factor for a player, going with what they know is by and large the main way forward. Most players don't even give it a second thought, life is busy enough to make time for adjustments, no matter how simple they can be.

When it comes to making those decisions, here are some points of interest that may get your attention related to banking online with the many casinos online that you can join here in New Zealand.

  • Fees and Charges: Dependent on the service, be it credit card, be it e-wallet or even through a prepayment voucher, charges and fees are all relative. Not every service have them and not every service is void of them. You will read from our reviews exactly what is entailed with the method of payment and what fees and charges come with them.
  • Deposits and Withdrawal: When it comes to payment options not every form of the service is the same and neither are the casinos. For example, some online operators will provide VISA banking, this will support both deposits and withdrawals, whereas another casino may offer VISA but only as a means of depositing and not withdrawals. The inconsistencies come down to the fact casinos must pay for certain services of the bank under vendor/merchant charges. If a casino cannot support Skrill withdrawals, for example, it is because that service is charging the casino more that they are willing to pay in order to give this as an optional service to players.
  • Security: Though all casino operators use FCA approved services, you may still wish to learn more about the finite details regarding what data is sent during the transaction. For example, e-wallets may only register the customer's name, a payment code and value. Whereas a credit card service will give the name of the customer, the last four digits of the account number, date of the card's expiry. For some, those standard details shared with card payments could be too much. Thusly, they would seek alternative services and methods.
  • Timescale: Not every deposit and withdrawal are met under the same timeframe going from one account to another. If you want fast payments submitting money into the casino, some are instant, some can take up to a week. When it comes to withdrawals the same can apply, relative to the method of payment you select. As standard, online payments, in terms of deposits are generally instantaneous. For withdrawals, they usually take 3-5 working days to arrive. For offline, you are looking at 3-5 days depositing and 5-7 days for a withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal Limits: Yes, if you win half a million, there may be a case that you cannot withdraw this money all out in one-lump-sum. Some casinos online have terms and conditions to what can be withdrawn and some could be restricted due to the banking services in charge of the exchange. Many casinos online restrict withdrawals to $30,000 per day. Others vary so you may wish to check these details out to see if your banking options add restrictive measures over how much can be returned at a time without extra fees and costs.

Preparing to Play: How deposit in an online casino

Clarity on all the casino payment options and how to deposit with them are fully compiled inside our reviews. Here, we will give you a brief outline as to how each of the optional services works from the point of selecting the deposit option from your casino account, if using an online service, or from the point of using an offline source of payment to put it into your online casino account.

Credit Card: VISA - MasterCard - Maestro - American Express

You can access the deposit option to put money into your account from your online account manager/banking section or directly from the screen's interface.

Once you have selected deposit, you can either select one of the pre-configured values $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100, then, confirm your banking security code and validate. Alternatively, you can select your own specific sum and have that transfer as long as it meets the casino's terms for minimal deposit values. Usually $5.00 from most online New Zealand casinos.

E-Wallet: Skrill - Neteller - EcoPayz - Entropay

Prior to joining a casino, your Skrill account will already be linked with your original bank account service. After, to deposit, all that is required is to make your way to the casino's deposit section and select Skrill. Enter the amount you wish to process and the confirmation of your password.

The deposit will transfer from your original account to your Skrill account, this will then transfer from the Skrill account into your casino balance and without your data being shared. In the similar way other options of e-wallet work:

Offline Payment System: Bank Wire - Cheque and POLi

When it comes to offline payments, it is a case of communication between you and your bank directly. You must hand the casino's account number and appropriate reference number so the payment can be transferred to your casino account.

Same with a cheque payment, acquire the correct reference and submit payment noting deposit details on the back of the check and post it to your casino's address. This will take up to 3 to 5 days to process once the postal side is completed. If you are looking for the solutions devoted fully and only for New Zealand players, we highly recommend POLi banking method.

Prepayment Vouchers: Paysafecard - Ukash

Prepaid cards and vouchers convert 'real' money into a virtual currency. A popular example is Paysafecard which replaced the defunct Ukash since 2015. Options are available on the high-street shops and very much like mobile top-ups, the principle works the same way.

You will purchase a prepayment card for a certain value. This will come with a code associated with the value you've purchased. Once you have this, head to your casino's banking section and select the type of prepayment service you are using. Enter the code and confirm, this automatically tops up your account balance and you are ready to play.

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin - LitevCoin - Etherium - Ripple

For cryptocurrencies to function with online casinos, you first need a cloud wallet. It is the equivalent of a PayPal account for regular currencies. They are also available as an app service.

As an example, Bitcoin is handled in BTC form which is subsequently broken down into mBTC's which is a millibitcoin equating to 1/1000th of a BTC or 0.001 Bitcoins.

From your general casino account or interface, you must select the deposit option and chose the crypto service relevant to the deposit. Confirm the currency you wish to convert to.

Note: if the casino is not an all-out crypto casino there will be charges unless mentioned. Only with official sites will you deposit with BTC and be paid in BTC currency.

Once you have selected the amount and currency; you will need to confirm with either the QT scanner code or the crypto address. Your money will then be transferred into your casino account.

Other Payment Options

The above does not cover every single one of the online casino payment options there is. These have been selected to represent the category of service they fall into. Many other banking methods exist, as detailed inside of our payment reviews that all work in the same fashion. Also, deposits can be made during the action of a game by following the same steps and not losing your place in the game.

Securing Wins: What payment options can help to quickly cash out my winnings?

In this section, we are going to briefly discuss the payment systems that will support your withdrawal process. More is discussed inside our payment reviews, so you don't have to repeatedly read the information.

What's the process to go through to cash out?

When it comes to securing your wins, understandably you want that money in your bank account as soon as possible so you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

The process of transaction is very much the same as you would be depositing. This time, you select the withdrawal options, confirm the sum you wish to withdraw and confirm your password to activate the transaction. After your balance will refresh to the show it has been confirmed and you will be reminded of how long it will take to arrive into your bank account.

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Online payment withdrawals

Fast withdrawals are only available if you are using instant payment methods. Things like bank wire and cheques are going to take significantly longer. Note, that you are always able to pick two, three or four forms of banking service within a casino as long as they have what you're able to access. You could deposit with a cheque and always cash out with a credit card option. The choices are yours, at the end of the day.

The withdrawal payout process is always a four-step process, no matter who you bank with. This helps to make it clear for all involved.

Withdrawal process

  • Requesting the withdrawal after you've landed your lucky win can happen with few clicks of your account. Head to the cashier section of your casino and banking. From there you can select the withdrawal option. Enter the method of return if you have more than one option setup, otherwise, it will opt for your default option. Enter the value to be returned, this can be all or some of the winnings. Enter your password and select confirm to activate the transfer.
  • At this stage, the casino will process the submitted request. This will take up to 24 hours for the casino to approve the withdrawal and activate it. Some methods of payment are faster than others. E-wallets can be quicker in returning funds and cryptocurrencies can be instant.
  • Once approved and released by the casino, the transaction phase happens. Here, you will be tapping your finger impatiently and checking your online banking account daily to see if it has arrived. We know the feeling but know full-well, that once it has passed stage 2, you will be getting your winnings so do not panic. If something completely random happens to stop the payment, you will have been notified from the point of confirming the withdrawal.
  • The last stage is receiving your winnings. On average it takes 3 to 5 working days and the process of withdrawing is finally complete and you're able to use the money that is now yours as you wish.

Note: Please check our reviews to learn more about the variations when it comes to online casino instant banking for both depositing and withdrawals.

Summary: Banking on a successful time in the casinos

As we have mentioned, not all casinos function the same when it comes to payments so, therefore, don't assume that all methods of payment are going to work in the same ways.

You'll see it clearly, for example, Slots Capital mobile casino online banking won't be the same as that of LeoVegas's online banking system and theirs will be different from what is offered up by the Black Diamond Casino.

We cannot stress how important checking banking information is and why it should be looked at long before registering with any of the available casinos found on our site. Have no doubt though, they all support the New Zealand currency, taking payments in Kiwi dollars and paying out in kind.

Regulated banking - Enter, Confirm, Pay

When it comes to all these various banking methods, each one is a secure regulated service that is indeed used by millions of people around the world for both casino gameplay and for other forms of commerce.

Firstly, it is imperative that you only registered with fully licensed online casinos. Failure to take sufficient protection can lead to a huge loss of money. If you do not feel the need of our services and look beyond our site for a reputable casino, please be aware that if you sign-up to an operator acting illegally, you could fall foul to scams and may not be able to recover money lost to online crooks.

The Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority is there for the support of the consumer. They are there to protect customers, enhance marketing integrity and promote competition with the interest of consumers as the main focus. Though UK-based, they are a European and global regulator, to which, all online services available have been approved by.

FAQ: Answering player's top questions regarding online banking with NZ casinos online

✅ What payment method is the fastest?

Currently, the fastest method of payment on the market today is Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. All online services outside of this offer immediate deposits that take a matter of seconds. For withdrawals, online services can take 3 to 5 working days.

✅ What do I need to check before selecting a payment method?

Can You Bank with the Casino!? This must be confirmed before you register, check if your banking provider is accepted and used by the casino. Be sure to check that your deposits and withdrawals are both covered by the same supplier. If you need to check your set-up and adjust to the casino’s requirements, then research all the facts first.

✅ How can I quickly cash out winnings?

Unless it’s done by cryptocurrencies, you can’t influence the speed of deposits or withdrawals. Just make sure that your banking details have no expired and have been updated where necessary to avoid and issue or delay in retrieving your payout and the time that it takes, which will be approximately 3 to 5 days if using online banking services.

✅ How do I make deposits with an online casino?

Accessing the deposit option is made from your cashier section inside your general account or through the game’s interface. The whole process of depositing takes no more than 1 minute.

- Select banking.

- Select service.

- Confirm the amount

- Confirm security code

- Confirm

- Action completed

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