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One of the very best casino games online, Roulette is an absolute traditional classic. Our complete guide to online roulette presents you the game in all its variants, discussing roulette rules, where you can play and analyzing the two most popular forms, European Roulette and American Roulette.

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Online Roulette Online Roulette

Picking the Best Roulette Casino for You

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So, which is the best online roulette casino for you to be joining? Let's look at the five points raised, answer them and see how they fall into your requirements.

Does the casino offer virtual roulette machines? For many new players this the most common form of game played. Virtual machines are like slots. The category of virtual roulette also allows you to play every variant of the game made. These are faster games with all the same betting opportunities as any live game.

If you want easy games that are fun with lots of diverse options, then you want a casino that is able to offer around 15-20 variants of the game within the format of virtual machines. Anything less, and you will not be getting the fullest experience.

Does the casino offer live casino formats of roulette? When players are more established with a game, they tend to progress from virtual machines and enter the world of live streaming games. Now, playing against the dealer can be daunting for some, in the realms of live dealer games you can communicate with the host and with other players. This is indeed playing roulette at its most grandest form. Playing live allows you to experience all the variants of the game that are commonly associated with roulette.

If you want immersive gameplay, multiplayer games, interactive action, then looking for a casino that is able to offer approximately 10 to 15 different roulette games is going to be more than perfect for you.

Does the casino provide roulette eligible bonuses? There is no shame in wanting to play for free, why put your own money at the risk of fate when the casino can pay for you to play. There are many online casino bonuses out there, but not everyone is eligible for roulette. You need to assess the terms of the bonuses to make sure any free money and free spins can be used for roulette. Ideally for both virtual games and within the live casino arena.

If you are more interested in virtual machines, then focus on the free spins. If you are more interested in playing live roulette, then you need to look at free cash credit. If you want both, then your decision making is more simpler.

The right NZ Dollar casino for you would include the following bonus offers made eligible for roulette:

Does the casino provide full software service to play on any device? You want to be able to access your favourite games without fuss or restriction. It would be of huge benefit if your casino of choice offered multiple platform services, so you can switch from desktop to mobile when you want.

Not every casino in these modern times has an app, still many phones still are able to reconfigure the browser settings of a casino to them play. So, if mobile gameplay is essential to you, note that an app doesn't need to be a necessity.

Not all casinos online have full gaming reconfiguration to HTML, So, be sure the casino you join can actually provide mobile roulette.

Does the casino entertain with Roulette Tournaments? This is admittedly a rare option, but an option, nevertheless. Clearly, playing within a tournament allows for a pool prize jackpot to be won and tests your wits amongst your peers inside the casino. If you want a casino that allows for this, then information about player tournaments are usually located in the casino's promotions page or within the live casino section.

Clearly the best online casino will tick every box. Below are the TOP 5 that ticked our own boxes and through testing and customer feedback, here are recommendations for best Roulette casino online:

Note: Players are able to join more than one casino and when selecting a casino also make sure you are able to meet the casino's banking terms. With an online roulette real money PayPal casino, you want to be able to use that service. If the casino accepts MasterCard to deposit and not withdraw, then you need to make sure your ability to pay to play is covered and how you withdraw is also matched.

Introducing Online Roulette NZ

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With roulette game online play, players have an exuberant number of options to win from and to be entertained by. Roulette is a classic and is the only casino game whereby the outcome is determined by a wheel of numbers and a ball.

For many new players joining online casinos, table and card games can seem daunting, yet roulette is still so popular given it is one of the most easiest traditional forms of gambling.

Multiple Live Dealer Tables

Roulette Bonus Promotions

Best Roulette Casinos in NZ

History of Roulette

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The origins of the table game goes back to the 17th Century, a creation of Blaise Pascal was the forefather of roulette gaming. Now, a few theories suggest that the birth of roulette may actually go back to ancient Chinese times where a board game existed and played by monks. The link of this is found in that the numbers totalled the same as roulette, when added together they came to 666. Many games found in the casino are attributed to ancient China, simply because they were so advance mathematically, but no-one knows for sure if the board game in China was coincidence or indeed the first very roulette game.

As with all forms of trade and migration, games from China spread into Europe and out into America. There are whispers of the Greeks playing a similar game, but it wasn't until the French took the game to the next level, that people firmly believed this was the game's birthplace.

Whilst in France, Francois and Louis Blanc would remove the game's original double zero pocket that allowed the game to be known as the European version. It was in 1842 when the first zero pocket was introduced into the game and by 1863 the two men build the Monte Carlo Casino where the game would feature and from that point up until the invention of the Internet, the game remained the same.

Why you Should Play with the Best Online Roulette?

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The best thing about roulette is that despite so many variants of the game and despite coming with the same principle rules throughout all of them, no game is ever actually the same. Roulette is a classic and as such is treated like one. Many online casinos dedicate a high number of gaming options to the world of roulette. You can play dozens of virtual slot games of roulette and many live dealer table games.

Many real money casinos open up their casino bonuses to make playing eligible with their free exclusive promotional offers.

  • Live Dealer Roulette Tables.
  • Virtual Roulette Slot Machines.
  • Exclusive Roulette Bonuses.
  • Access to Games via Mobile.
  • All TOP 10 NZ Casinos have Roulette.

Inside the Game

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No matter which variant of roulette you opt to play, whether you know roulette rules or not, the core of the game is entertainment. You will benefit from having to guess what number the ball will land on and you have the largest number of ways to hedge your bet to increase your chances of winning.

The projection of these options is what feeds the game's liveliness and this is the very reason why this game is the first classic form of gambling that new players take to, easy of play and lots of ways you can win from a simple spin of a ball.

The game also comes with the largest selection of legitimate strategies that are able to help you better your ratio of wins over losses. To read more about these roulette strategies then click the link to our roulette strategy guide here.

Which is the Best Online Roulette Site?

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Which are the best online roulette gambling sites? What even makes a site the best online roulette NZ casino platform? Well, first we must analyse the online roulette game, the options of what you can play, what you are after from a casino and merge these together to see if the best casino really does tend to your needs.

There are five key elements that play a factor in finding a casino that will provide you the best for servicing online roulette:

  • Does the casino offer virtual roulette machines?
  • Does the casino offer live casino formats of roulette?
  • Does the casino provide roulette eligible bonuses?
  • Does the casino provide full software service to play on any device?
  • Does the casino entertain with Roulette Tournaments?

These 5 points are essential in knowing which of the casinos are the best online for you. This is important because if a review tells you x-casino is the best because they have 100 live tables 5 virtual machines and 1 free bonus, this may mean nothing to a player that doesn't want to play live games.

Best Online Roulette Games

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There are so many options to pick from when scanning through the myriad of casino game online roulette titles out there, so which is the best online roulette feature to play? Well, Within the best NZ online casinos we are able to see which of the roulette games are more frequently played. As it is the players that have spoken, we present the best online roulette NZ titles you can enjoy also once registered.

In no particular order:

Penny Roulette: A game that offers players to play with the lowest stakes possible with wagering starting as low as $0.01

Premium European Roulette: One of the most popular forms of roulette, this is a classic option for professional High Roller players.

Classic Roulette: Keeping it simple with a 36-numbered wheel and a single zero pocket to decide your winnings.

Age of Gods Roulette: Part of the Age of Gods progressive jackpot series that is linked to the slot allowing you to win free spins and a 100x wins multiplier.

Frankie Dettori's Roulette: Part of the Frankie Dettori progressive jackpot series that is also linked to the Magnificent jackpot prize.

101 Roulette: Why play with 36 when 101 works just as well? This colossal variant uses all the same rules on a much larger scale.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette: This special roulette game is linked to FOUR jackpots with a prize of $60,000 to claim.

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette: Land the ball on the diamond icons for a special lucrative prize reward.

Roulette Deluxe: European roulette in its best 3D animated form in the virtual gaming category.

Premium Pro Roulette: Customisable tables, colours, changing angles of play, this roulette is the most immersive of all virtual options.

Note: All games are available from our TOP 10 sites.

Variants of Roulette

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The list above is only highlighting the table games most commonly played amongst casino members, but there are plenty more variations out there, adding to European wheel games, doubling the number of roulette wheels and balls.

Best of all, once you learn how to play roulette once, you will know how to play every form of roulette game made.

There are 5 key variants of the game that are found throughout the world's casinos. We highlight them here to discuss why without these key games, roulette online would be a much dire prospect.

  • American Roulette: This is the one and only roulette game that uses the extra 00 pocket. With this additional betting element, the house edge does increase, but it allows for 3 extra betting moves.
  • European Roulette: The most commonly recognisable table of all variants. This game provides players with the lowest house edge average as it retains just the one single zero pocket on the wheel.
  • French Roulette: Like European roulette, the table is the same, the alteration on play comes from the game's additional side bets layout. These are three additional betting areas of the wheel called the Orphelins, the Voisins du Zero and the Tiers du Cylindre.
  • Multiplayer Roulette: With no multiplayer option, games would just be a solo feat. This opened the game to more immersive experiences and commonly found during tournament games. Not only can you play against rival members of the same casino, but you can also chat with them.
  • Live Dealer Roulette: Real gaming at its most possible with the Internet. Live dealer games are streamed from developer studios and use real casino equipment. Hosted by a dealer, your chance of winning is fully dictated by chance and not by RNG programming like the virtual games.

American Roulette vs European Roulette

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The two titans of roulette gaming come head to head, which is better American roulette or European roulette?

There is only one difference between these games and that is the extra zero pocket as a betting option. But this is more than just a pocket to bet on, there are implications, yet there is opportunity.

Where should you be placing your money? Or are these two tables equally worthy?

The Difference and the Odds

The question is raised because both games are equally successful but logically, the stats and maths suggest one of these games is not a good option in the long run.

So, the difference in the game is the extra zero, so what does this pose overall to a player?

If you bet on a single number with the European table then your odds are 1 in 37 The payout actually becomes 35 to 1 with the original wager included.

The American wheel, the odds are 1 in 38 and the payout is 35 to 1 including the original wager.

So far, you could say the European table is winning. So, what else does this additional pocket of double zero affect?

Well, all bets across the table drop in the likelihood of landing them when using an American table.

For example, even betting on Red or Black, with the European wheel, the odds are 48.65%. With the American wheel, it drops to 47.37%.

This drop is across all bets, so this puts the European option even further in the lead as the best game.

It might just be an American thing, bigger being better. With the 00 pocket, you get more opportunities to bet. You can make a single 00 bet, a double 0 and 00 bet and you can bet on 00, 2 and 3. If they land it's all good to the player, but the maths makes these bets a low probability.

Choosing Your Casino

As you discover the best NZ casino games, we encourage you to consider reading our casino guides and reviews such as the $20 deposit casino and new casinos list in New Zealand that will help you choose the best casino that meets your needs.

FAQ: Common Roulette Questions Answered

What is the most common number in roulette?

It is impossible to verify what the most common number is given the number of variants there are and how many players across the world play the game. Games will record the individual common numbers within that game to help you judge your betting.

Is online roulette rigged?

No, roulette is not rigged, nor is another game online. Games are independently tested by gaming labs prior to being added to a casino and during the casino’s own service when online via random inspections. Virtual roulette is built using an RNG algorithm sequence which is what gets tested and the live games use real equipment where winning is pure luck.

Is online roulette safe?

Roulette is 100% safe. This is because the casinos presenting them use the latest Secure Socket Layer encryption software. As you will read from our casino reviews, all sites are tested, regulated and 100% licensed to make your time inside 100% safe and secure.

Does roulette have betting limits?

Yes, as with all online casino games, there is only so much you can bet. Roulette provides low, medium and high stakes tables and then you have VIP and Premium tables that go above the norm. In no way are you able to bet your house on a game, so just bet smartly when playing.

What are the types of online roulette?

There are many types, such as those highlighted in this player’s guide. For the wheel, there are 6 types of wheel: 1. 38 Numbers 2. 37 Numbers 3. 101 Numbers 4. Double Wheels 5. Bonus Wheels 6. Double Ball Wheels When it comes to the tables there are only two, the French option and Every other roulette option.

What is the best online roulette site?

There are many factors to consider when picking the best site for you, this comes down to the number of games, types of gaming formats, bonuses that are available and accessibility. Our current top 5 based on tests and customer opinion are as follows: • 888 Casino • Rizk Casino • LeoVegas • Jackpot City • Dunder


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