Pokies Strategies – Professional Casino Tips to Help Land a Fortune

Through this guide, we are going to expose all the truths that surround online pokies and provide you with some professional tips. These pokies strategies are not what the casinos want you to know, so the secret is now out, take advantage and best of luck playing those slots

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Introducing Pokies Strategies

Do pokies strategies exist? Yes, as with all online casino games there are ways of coming out on top. For many other casino games, there is a house edge that needs to be vanquished. For slot games beating the probabilities is a whole other matter that is literally woven into the fabric of the game.

What we will share with you are some of the common ideas of pokie tactical play and expose some myths that other so-called guides are stating. What you will also have is professional advice that looks more closely at the development of gaming and the casino to highlight how to win and with it is that you lose.

What we divulge is not something the online casinos would want you to know. The main strategy is technical, but it is also very rewarding when followed step by step and repeated.

Let us begin and throughout these following topics will be discussed:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of playing pokies/slots
  • How to pick a winning slot machine
  • Professional and common slot hacks to help you win

Discovering Pokie Machine Strategy

The process of formulating and online slot strategy is no easy task, given the number of games out there and with that that many values in which you can bet and how popular the games are in relation to the averages the game is being accessed by other players. Figuring out a way to win requires a lot of time as everything associated with the game is relevant.

Building a Winning Strategy

Building a pokie strategy requires the time to assess these following factors, all intrinsic to how a pokie will determine if you win or lose whilst playing.

  • How popular the game is - The more money going in will determine how frequently a game will payout.
  • How much you wager - The factor of cost is important because as a player, you want to hit profit, bet low and you win more often with return wins less than the original wager. Bet high and your returns are profitable, but the frequency is lowered.
  • How is the game made? - There are two different algorithms, each one determines the loss and win ratio.
  • Do you know how to play? - Knowing the slot machine rules are always important, and though a slot is a simple tap of the Spin button, there is more to recognise within the game.
  • How often do you play? - Did you know the more you play the less you win and the less frequent you are playing, the more you will win?

Here are 5 points of consideration to mull over. These are important points that all synch together and form the bases of the best slot machine strategy that no other site is going to share with you.

How they are Made

The most important factor of all is knowing how games are made and many slots players do not know this.

There are two algorithms:

  • Return to Player (RTP): Click on a slot's information icon and you will see an example like this: 98.47% RTP. What does this mean? Well, it doesn't mean you have a 98% chance of winning. The RTP percentage is the calculated amount the game has to make before it pays out big! So, the determining factor is how much money is being put into that machine. This leads to the factor of how popular a game is. The more favoured games will pay out more.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): This covers all virtual table and card games and some slot machines. Clarification of which of the many thousand slots online are built with an RNG algorithm is trickier to find. Click on the game's information icon and if it states that wins can be trigger on any wager, then you have an RNG machine.

The determining factor of who wins and loses is pure luck, the RNG is built in such a way that it can hold millions of number combinations. One combination for the winning line i.e. jackpot and each symbol of the slot allocated a number that you hope will land to match this jackpot combination. More on these two algorithms later.


✅ With the RNG machine, the probability of winning is more fair. Players with a lower bankroll will have an equal probability of winning as high rollers.

✅ Win a jackpot and your life will no doubt change. Multi-millions can be won in a single spin.

✅ Pokies are linked with more promotional offers than any other online game.


❌ RTP slots are more beneficial to high roller players. Making it harder for players with a lesser bankroll to win anything substantial.

❌ All casino games are linked with a player account management tool. This tool records everything! It has a huge effect which we will discuss further in the guide.

❌ All slots and casino games are not just subject to the one casino, a slot you play online in New Zealand is also being played in other parts of the world and there is only one jackpot to win. It's more of a case of you against the other players, rather than you against the casino.

Common Slot Machine Strategy Options

'How can you win big, is there a progressive slot machine strategy?'

'Is there a slot machine strategy Vegas players use that works for online slots?'

'Is cheating on pokies allowed?'

There are many questions that get asked online and they make valid points. With them come not so valid replies. Why? Perhaps the promise of something will lead you to a casino and by you failing, they profit.

For us, the advice is simple, we want you to win and we want you to do it so unashamedly that you'll be back thanking us and trying it across all other casinos getting away with it.

So, let us begin by popping some myths around slot strategies found online that do not work.

Strategy Myths to Avoid

  • Use Bonuses: FAKE - Bonuses only go so far, but in the majority of cases, it is the casino that wins by getting more from your deposits. No truly big win has ever come from a bonus.
  • Avoid Progressive Slots: FAKE - As mentioned, all slots are the same internally. And the more popular a game is the more likely it is to payout. It's another ploy to get you to play the least popular games that record fewer wins.
  • Bet Small: FAKE - Yes, it will appear you are winning more frequently, but the majority of your wins will be of less cash value, thusly striking more of the lower valued symbols.

We can now turn your attention to other commonly used strategies that actually can have an effect.

Common Strategies that Help

  • Practice: TRUE - Practice does make perfect and by playing free demo games, you can assess which pokies are more profitable than others.
  • Wagering Variations: TRUE - Players must find the middle ground of betting money, too low yields no profit and too high and comes at a risk.
  • Volatility: TRUE - Assessing the reaction of game by different developers is important. Some make it hard to win with big returns when you do win and others, make their games easy to win, with the returns lower than expected. You need to find the middle ground.

The Professional Slot Machine Rules of Winning: Your #1 Strategy

We now come to the main strategy, the one that changes everything you have ever known about slots and how online casinos work. This will clear up and bring together all factors, making it understandable as to how and why they all matter and work together.

Whether you play classic slots or mega jackpot slots, the rules of engagement are still the same. To quickly cover some main points for those looking to play a slot for the first time.

Our Quick Spin Slot Machine Rules

  • Load the pokie game
  • Set your wagering limit (usually we suggest not going lower than the default setting)
  • Click spin
  • Match any symbols in a row of 3 or more and you will win.
  • Land any of the game's 3 or more bonus symbols and you will activate the bonus round.
  • For progressive jackpots, you need to activate the bonus symbols or depending on the game, this will trigger automatically by landing 5 jackpot symbols within the game at base-level.
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Putting the Pieces Together

As mentioned, slot machines have an algorithm and casinos have a player management tool, both work in harmony to record data and stats surrounding you as a player.

This records what you play, what you win, what you lose, what you averagely deposit, withdraw, how often you play (sign-in), how long you play for and everything in between. Essentially the casino knows you better than you know yourself.

Test: Play a slot or any game in the casino. When you finish set the wager to the lost value for your last bet and exit the game. Go back to the slot the next day, week, even month. The wager will still be set to at the lowest value and it will not have defaulted back!

The recording of this data is key to the unfolding events of playing games within the casino.

Heard the term 'beginners' luck'? Well, this is true for a reason. All new players will achieve a win when they first play. 1) the feel-good factor brings them back to play more. 2) it happens because the casino has no data on them.

Hopefully, the picture is becoming a bit more clearer now.

At this stage let's refresh on what we know:

  • Popular games dispense money more frequently.
  • The game's algorithm will keep track of what you have played.
  • The casino knows what you last played and have previously won and lost.
  • First-time players always win.

Four simple facts open-up the formula of getting the best online pokies strategy there has ever been.

The Strategy

Note: The strategy is complex, take note of everything, a lot of pieces come together to make this work better than anything else.

This is the step by step strategy that you must follow exactly. It requires patience in its execution, and it can be repeated many times over across all online casinos.

  • Sign up and register with any real money casino online.
  • Collecting the welcome bonus is optional.
  • Deposit money and go to the game's menu.
  • Select either a title from the popular category, or hottest games, or featured slots. if there are no categories, you can simply pick one of the jackpot games as they are obviously popular.
  • Load your game but do not adjust the default setting of the wager value lower. Usually, the default amount is $1.00.
  • Play.
  • If after 15 spins a profit hasn't been made, select another game. If a win lands within 15 spins, move the wagering value per spin up one.
  • Your first big win should land within the first 50 spins.
  • If you land any win from a base-level spin or free spins and it says 'big win' on your screen. Wait for the money to land in your balance.
  • Play one last spin set at the lowest value. Usually, the lowest wager is 0.10.
  • End the game and withdraw your winnings.
  • Log out and clear your cookie and browser settings.
  • If you are playing via your mobile, do the same, delete your app if you are using this also. In addition, delete the file.
  • YOU MUST WAIT 30 DAYS BEFORE YOU PLAY AGAIN. This is pivotal. In this time, your setting will be clear, with no cookies and no defaults. Also, in this time the casino will have cleared its data as monthly checks are done to clean systems of bugs and faults and overstocked caches of data.
  • After 30 days log back into the casino via the browser. If you want you can redownload the mobile app and continue as normal.
  • Deposit into your account and head to the last game you played.
  • When you last played the wager setting was low, it will now have defaulted back to its original amount ($1.00).
  • You can repeat the strategy process on this game or opt to play another.
  • From this point, you can continue from step 5 shown above and repeat following steps over again.
  • If the game has not defaulted to the original settings, immediately select another game and continue from step 5 shown above and repeat following steps over again.

Basic Rules of Picking a Winning Slot Machine

That was a lot to digest and we apologise that you had to get so far down the guide to read the strategy, but we had to show you the clear logic to how and why it works.

So, there are some key points to remember in finding a winning game.

  • Know the basic rules of engagement - Check in the demo games what symbols have more value to them. Play and learn which developers make their games more profitable to play and learn playing them. Practice, practice, practice!
  • Analyse the ratio of wins to losses with the number of coins you wager - Take 25 spins per value and record wins per spin and value and losses.
  • You are playing against other slots players, so timings of when you play can also be of benefit - Play during the early morning, late at weekends and early Sundays.

Enjoy and we wish you the best of luck, not that you will need it now.

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