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When it comes to online casino games, there really is no other in demand quite like the online slots that feature in dominating numbers within an online casino. Here we have created a complete player's guide to online pokies so you can learn rules, strategies of slots and access the best games and the free ones!

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Online Pokies Online Pokies

Best Casinos to Play Online Pokies

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Listed above are the best casinos in New Zealand that are going to give you the ultimate in gaming experience when it comes to playing the most profitable game in all of the casino industry. These sites contain the best online pokies from the elite of award-winning gaming developers.

All the #1 software you could need and want are housed inside these very casinos and you can instantly play, right now, by selection to join one or more and playing multi-million-prizes through a simple tap of your mobile and spin of the slot reels. These casinos are where the magic happens.

The World of Online Slots

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Through our game's guide and throughout all our website, you will be able to access all the best award-winning online pokies NZ has. It is the world's #1 game when it comes to paying out large sums of cash, so if you want to become rich and wealthy, online pokies real money is the direction you should head towards.

Currently, there are approximately over 5000 online casino slots in circulation across all the global casinos online and you will most certainly be able to access each one thanks to the casinos we have lined up for you with our top recommendations.

Discover and play on the world's largest record-breaking jackpot slot machine.

Access Award-winning games made by the industry's best software developers.

Play officially licensed online slots like Game of Thrones™ and Jurassic Park™

In the Beginning...

Its 1895 and Charles Fey has just invented the Liberty Bell. This was the first mechanical slot machine to ever be created and its birth would impact the world in a way that would have been unimaginable at the time.

Fey's contraption was a three reeled mechanism, each reel consisted of printed symbols that displayed (in no particular order) a diamond, horseshoe, heart, spade, a star and a cracked Liberty Bell. A lever to the side of the machine was pulled down to activate the rotational spin of the reels and should the player land a set of matching images, the bell would sound, and money would dispense from the mouth of the machine.

Production was picked up on a larger scale by the Mills Novelty Company in 1907. Their slot took on new materials and a cleaner design and more importantly - Bigger Jackpots!

60-years would pass, and the Money Honey slot developed by Bally (still producing slots and online slots today) would dominate the market and feature in what was then and is now America's gambling capital of Vegas.

In the 70s, the Fortune Coin was built by IGT (another still producing slots today), this was the first cabinet machine to integrate a video display.

By the time the 90s came about, the evolution of the cabinet slot machine was seemingly at its final stage, the jackpots were of a staggering proportion and its success lead to more than a 70% income for the casinos that provided them. Then the Internet was born!

How the 'Reel' Became Digitalized

The year is now 1996 and the first online casino goes live, inside are digital slot machine games. 8-bit animated features that still allowed players to play with real money and win real money.

The game had come from cogs, wire and metal to binary codes and algorithms. The slot game was now very much on a higher plane of evolution. The casino was now something beyond an empire. The coding of online slots was essential in getting casino up online and leading the production of games to where we are today.

The slot was now adding more paylines, bigger jackpots, 3D animation was vital, the game started to change with shifting and expanding features, bonus rounds were introduced and suddenly the progressive jackpot slots were formed. The slot itself was now a serious business that helped to promote movies, tv shows and musical stars.

These are now the online slots NZ players can fully experience, enjoy and win real money from, and here they are.

Types of Online Pokies

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Opportunity is the only word to describe slots in a nutshell. It might be hard to even imagine what 5000+ online pokies real money NZ dollars casino games look like. You, you are in the position to gain this experience, with the best online pokies packed into 20 of New Zealand's best online casinos, you are able to embark on an adventure into a world of New Zealand online pokies.

What can you expect to see amongst the best online slots websites? Well, here are some of the different online pokies you will come across.

Different Bet Real Money Online Slots

  • Retro Slots
  • 3D-Animated Slot
  • Bonus Jackpot Slots
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • 3-Reel Slots
  • 5-Real Slots
  • Expanding Reel Slots
  • TV and Film Branded Slot Games

There is no shortage to what the online slot machine can provide to players. The game is ever-shifting and creating new ways to give players an opportunity to win. Every possible style has been developed that provides new internal features and ways of playing the slot. Every theme has been used to capture the imagination of entertainment and excitement.

Every few years a slot machine is made that sets a new precedent; in recent times we have seen the merge of slot gaming with console gameplay. A shoot-em-up game that allows you to win real money. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™ will forever be the first slot machine that broke the rules.

The Software Behind Online Pokies NZ

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For the New Zealand players that like their technical information, we now introduce to you, the software developers. No pokie game is actually built by the casino. When you play online pokies or even cabinets in land based establishment, you are experiencing the work of licensed software developers and gaming providers.

There are only approximately 50 of them in the industry globally. Fortunately, NZ players will have the chance to experience the work made by every single one of them from the safest online casinos in New Zealand. Here are some of those developers involved in making your gaming experience happen.

Gaming Developers

  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Blueprint
  • Red Tiger
  • NextGen
  • Elk Studios
  • Quickspin
  • BetSoft
  • Real Time Gaming
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Rival

All and many more of these developers have won every award possible in the field of gaming. They hold the big contract with the studios, they produce the live stream, and they are the ones that helped to get online casinos to the standard that they are at now.

Why Play with Online Pokies Real Money?

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So, do online slots pay real money? 100% and every one of them in NZ dollars. But even though the focus of playing is to win money and become disgustingly wealthy, it's not the sole reason to why you should play these online slot machines.

Here we now look at the various advantages of playing online slots and share with you some disadvantages.

Advantages of Slot Games

✅ The numbers mean you are continuously supplied with many ways to be entertained.

✅ Slot games can be accessed through any device: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Mac.

✅ Gaming features allow for in-game changes to happen, bringing new dynamics.

✅ Many bonuses provided will be for the slot gaming features, thusly you play for free!

✅ Slot machine play allows for players to be strategic in how they win money.

Disadvantages of Slot Games

❌ The house edge of a slot machine is one of the worst of all casino games made.

❌ Some slots only allow players to access the jackpot rounds if the highest wager is paid.

The Best Slot Machine Payouts

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There are dozens of new online slots that are released by developers every week, so which are the best online pokies NZ players should be looking out for when it comes to being able to win real NZD money from the games?

There is a clear understanding within the pokie strategies that the more favorable slots to play are indeed the new releases and those seen as or highlighted by the casinos as the 'popular' options. To read more on why these factors play into the hands of players and why this is integral to strategical slot gaming, head to the pokies strategy review and learn more on how to beat the slot machines online.

Best Jackpot Games

There are two kinds of main jackpot, bot found in the realm of 'Progressive' slot machines.

The first is the more familiar progressive jackpot games:

  • Mega Moolah™
  • Dreams Fortune™
  • Mega Fortune™
  • Hall of Gods™
  • Age of Gods™

These slots set the standard when it came to mega money payouts. A series of jackpots could be won. Players could wither land a minor jackpot, a mini jackpot, a major jackpot and the final overall mega jackpot. These games would reach into the multi-million-dollar payouts and at the highest point, the world-record win from a single spin landed an $18Million win.

More recently, a new form of jackpot was developed, referred to as either Daily Jackpots or Must Drop Jackpots.

These games are now making the chance to become wealthier, more easily and frequently.

The Daily Jackpots or Must Drop Jackpots come with three main prizes. The first jackpot of x-amount must drop and payout before it reached a certain amount. The second jackpot must drop and be won before it hits a certain time and then you have the mega jackpot that can be triggered by any spin no matter the amount you are wagering!

  • Rainbow Jackpots™
  • Phoenix Fire Power Reels™
  • The Goonies™
  • Wish Upon A Leprechaun™
  • Mega Gems™

Just some of the games by Red Tiger and Blueprint Gaming that control these must drop slots and there are plenty more to look out for inside your top NZ casinos online.

Online Slots No Deposit: 100% Free Play

Another striking factor that comes up in our pokie strategy guide is the necessity to access 100% free slots that will help you win. In this section, we look at two separate examples of this and how you can obtain free online pokies.

The first is the many online pokies no deposit allowances you are able to claim from the casinos listed on our site. The second is accessing demo games of the best online pokies New Zealand has and used by the very same casinos you can join through our website.

TOP 3 Online Casinos for Pokies
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Rainbow Spins Casino Rainbow Spins
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Caxino casino Caxino Casino €200+ 100 Free Spins
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Grand Ivy Casino Grand Ivy $1500+ 100 Free Spins
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Bonuses: Online Pokies No Deposit NZ Offers

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When it comes to acquiring free online slot play, you can look to the case of free spins no deposit offers. Covered fully in our review, these bonuses are rewards that allow players to access real money games without the need to pay an upfront deposit to activate the bonus. This allows you to win real money for nothing. The no deposit offer is one of several that are provided by NZ's top online casino sites.

No deposit slots allow you to experience real games without any risk factor to your finances and helps you to practice and test the various games made available within the casino.

Demos: Casino Pokies Free to Play

For the best Kiwi/Zealand online practice, free demo games simply cannot be beaten. Demo games are official online casino products. Unlike free games that are found through mobile apps. These demo slots are the authentic games you play inside real money online casinos, but just without their payment function.

Hugely highlighted in the strategical side of gameplay, demos give players the exact blueprint to how real money games function and thusly, being able to practice within the exact conditions of play.

There are hundreds of demo games available and your time should be invested wisely in them.

Choosing Your Casino

Choosing a casino could leave you in a dilemma because of the many options and features that exist with casinos, and rushing to pick casino might make you miss out on even better options. That is why we urge our readers to consider reading the rest of our casino guides and reviews such as the $20 deposit casino and new casinos in New Zealand to make a more confident choice.

FAQ: Top Pokie Questions Answered

How often do players win at slot machines?

Good question! The outcome of the results is determined in two ways. 1) if they play an RTP machine, or 2) if they play an RNG machine. These two factors are the different algorithms used by slot developers. The first being based on the money going into the machine, the other by pure chance. A good indication can be found within the casino’s payout percentage stats. You can access this from the casino’s homepage which will inform you of the average payout. In short, players are winning from online slot machines every day and the first online casino ever has since paid out over 3 billion dollars to winners.

Which online casino offers the best slot machine?

All of New Zealand’s casinos are able to access the best of what there is on the gaming market. But to quantify the best slot of all these comes down to personal taste. The best in terms of entertainment is perhaps those games that offer more bonus rounds. Look from games developed by Playtech, Red Tiger and Blueprint. The best game in terms of sizable jackpots are those made by Microgaming and NetEnt with their progressive slots. Refer to the section above covering ‘Best jackpot games’.

Are slot machine programmed?

100%. There are two types of programs. 1) the RTP (Return to Player) and 2) the RNG (Random Number Generator). Each of these algorithms determines how wins and losses are made.

Why slots are so various?

Entertainment is the primary factor. If slot machines followed on simple design, then it’s appeal would drop. Games are varied to give you different experiences and to enjoy exciting features that a scattered throughout the category of slots. each has a new surprise, a new way of winning and different themes and styles add to this. From playing games based on movies to old retro slots, it brings the action of winning from slots more dynamic.

How do pokies work?

Playing an online pokie machine is very simple. Here are the basics of slot gaming: • Enter your wager to bet per spin. • Press the spin button. • The reels will rotate and randomly stop. • On the reels are different symbols and should the same symbols align, you win. • Some slots produce wins with a little as two matching symbols, but the common standard is three and any up to five matching if a 5-reel slot is being played, you will win the larger payout.

How to win on pokies?

Please refer to our pokies strategy guide to discover how you are able to win whilst playing any of the online pokie machines found inside any of the top casinos listed on our site.


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