Poker Rules – Learn How to Play Casino Poker Online

Continuing from our online poker guide, we now explore the online casino poker rules. Here you will know how to play poker, but more importantly how to play poker in casino sites accessible to New Zealand players. We discuss different games here also and answer common questions about the poker game.

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How to Play Poker

Our guide will instill the right amount of knowledge for you to learn how to play poker online for money and be successful. Not only will you know how to play poker like a pro but you will also discover the different variants of the games associated with poker and be confident enough to explore these gaming options inside of the TOP 10 casinos online that New Zealand players can join to access all mentioned games.

Poker like any card game requires a little bit of time to understand the rules, but this mainly comes down to remembering the different card hands that allow you to win the game.

Poker is an easy game to play once the basics are grasped beyond the card rules.

  • 5 cards are dealt by the dealer.
  • The dealer also is dealt 5 cards.
  • Form a winning hand from your cards.
  • Try to gain a higher valued hand than the dealer.

Why Poker rules: Entertainment and Diversity

Now, because there are so many variants, we want to cover the diverse poker rules that come with them. With the so-called normal poker rules, a vast majority of variants are already covered in games like 5 card draw poker rules and even video poker slots. Here we look at the popular variants that come with the gameplay twists that would not be classed as ‘normal’ play.

Texas Hold’Em

  • The game opens with the player receiving two cards that are placed face down, known as hole cards.
  • The player at this stage can call three moves, big blind, raise or fold.
  • The dealer burns a card and deals three community cards that are all faced up. These are known as the flop and produce the first round of bets.
  • The second round of bets comes with the players being able to raise, call or fold their hand. The dealer adds another card next to the flop, this is known as the turn.
  • The third round of bets continues in the same way, players can judge the cards, and decide whether to continue betting or fold out of the game.
  • The dealer produces a fifth card known as the river.
  • The fourth and final round is the same as previous, where players can raise, call or fold.
  • The showdown and final of the game, the player’s five cards must better that of the dealers.

So, this is different from the normal game, whereby the cards after the hole cards are dealt, allows stages of betting on each received card. Rather than all 5 cards in one go. Sequenced betting is provided.

Omaha Poker

  • The dealer supplies the player with four cards face down.
  • The dealer produces a flop (just like Texas Hold’ Em).
  • The player can then judge their hand and either fold, call or raise.
  • Once the flop is produced, the community cards are exposed.
  • The player can now either call, fold or raise.
  • The dealer as a turn card next to the flop.
  • This gives the player a third betting option like before.
  • The dealer burns another card, the river.
  • The last round of betting is made by the player.
  • The showdown comes with the player betting the dealer’s hand.

Where Omaha is different is that the players are given 2 hold cards, the remaining three that are deal can be used by all players, making the two holds vitally important to the success, given all players will use the same three cards the dealer gave out.

Seven-Card Stud

  • Players are dealt two hole cards faced down and a door card that is face up.
  • Players can then choose how they progress, call, fold or raise.
  • A fourth card is then dealt, this is the 4th street card.
  • Players can then assess their betting options.
  • Players are then dealt a fifth, the 5th street card.
  • Players judge their betting options again.
  • Dealer makes the sixth deal; this is the 6th street.
  • Players can either call, raise or fold.
  • The dealer lays down the final seventh card the river. This is placed face down.
  • The player now has two hole cards face down, four card hands and another face down 7th card.
  • In the showdown, the player can use any 5 of their 7 cards to make a hand.

This is a variant that comes with high risk with two blind cards at the beginning and a blind card at the end. The risk is then diminished with the allowance of making a 5 card hand from 7 cards. This can give players better odds against the dealer.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

  • Players first place an ante side bet.
  • The dealer hands out 5 cards, all faced down.
  • The dealer has 5 cards with only 4 faced down.
  • Players will wither fold or raise.
  • If a forfeit is made the side bet is lost.
  • A rise is 2x the ante side bet.
  • The dealer turns over the four cards that where originally face down.
  • For the dealer to win, they must have an ace and a king or higher.

This is a much faster game than how poker is played normally. No card exchanges and offers players a side bet pot that the winner takes with the highest hand.

Poker card Rules

When it comes to card rules, it’s the same all round at its core level. It covers all international poker rules and can be used for 2 card poker rules, 3 card poker rules and into more complex poker variants like Pai Gow Poker and the listed variants above.

Here are the card rankings and poker all in rules:

Royal Flush: Suits: 5 All Matching. Values: Highest order possible.

Straight Flush: Suits: 5 All Matching. Values: Lower values.

Four of a Kind: Suits: 5 Mixed. Values: 4 Matching

Full House: Suits: 5 Mixed. Values: 3 Matching and 2 Matching.

Flush: Suits: 5 Matching. Values: 5 Mixed

Straight: Suits: 5 Mixed. Values: 5 in low order.

Three of a Kind: Suits: 3 Mixed. Values: 3 Matching

Two Pair: Suits: 4 Mixed. Values: 2 Matching and 2 Matching.

One Pair: Suits: 2 Mixed. Values: 2 Matching.

High Card: Suits: Any. Values: Highest card possible.

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Poker Hand Rules

Simply put, the highest hand wins. Though ranked in order of power, there are 10 different ways to still win regardless of the fact.

The beauty of the poker game is that no matter how you mix up the variants by exposing x-number of cards, having x-number of cards in the game and place x-number face down. The resulting outcome of who wins comes down to the principle law of who has the higher hand, you or the dealer.

The variants are ways of disguising possibilities, meaning the player has to make judgement calls at each section of the game when betting or raising, which will twist and turn their odds upon each newly dealt card that is exposed.

How to Play Poker Step by Step

When it comes to the rules we have discussed, these are key across all games in any virtual form or played as a live dealer poker game inside the real money casino. Let us look at one example of a virtual poker slot and tell you how to activate and play the game.

You will be able to find a free demo of this from our site and on the Internet.

Caribbean Stud Poker by Playtech. (One of the most popular virtual platform games online).

  • Load the game
  • This is a progressive jackpot linked game.
  • Chips range from 0.50 to 500.
  • Paytable is located on the right side of the game.
  • First select chip value to wager and click it on the Ante bet space.
  • The Ante is a side bet pot to collect by winner and doubles should dealer lose.
  • Select the Deal button. 5 cards are dealt each to you and dealer.
  • The Dealer’s hand will have only one card face up.
  • If you have no hand, which will automatically notify you, you can call or fold.
  • If you have a hand, you still get the option to call or fold.
  • For the dealer to qualify/win they must have a higher hand than you.
  • Your Ante bet is lost if you fold.
  • If you have no hand and the dealer doesn’t qualify, you still win.

Summary: Poker Rules for Beginners

Whether you play 3 card stud or live Pai Gow, the rules of winning are exactly the same. We recommend to new players to practice first and to find their suitable variant to play. There are loads of online demo games to explore. Start with machines first before moving into live games. learn the hands and their rank first and become confident that you know which hand is a more powerful claim is to win on.

Hand Ranking:

1stRoyal Flush
2ndStraight Flush
3rdFour of a Kind
4thFull House
7thThree of a Kind
8thTwo Pair
9thOne Pair
10thHigh Card

How to Play Poker (for beginners)?

Poker is all about obtaining a higher-ranking hand than what the dealer gets. There are 10 different hands. You place your bet prior to the draw and hands are formed from the 5 cards you are dealt. Refer to the section on card rules to know what the rank of hands are.

How to Play Two Player Poker?

Two player poker is simple, in that one of the two players must take the role of the dealer. Inside of online casinos, virtual poker games are all of this format, you against the machine.

What is Omaha Poker Rules?

Omaha poker is similar to Texas Hold ‘Em. In Omaha you are dealt 4 cards, from these, you must select 2 hole cards that will form a 5 card hand from the three community cards that are drawn by the dealers that are also available to the remaining players. This makes Omaha a multiplayer variant of poker.

Poker Rules when to Split the Pot?

This rule is only incumbent when you have a multiplayer variant. The splitting of a pot comes from two players having identical values forming a game tie. The tie can only be so if the player’s hands are identical in rank. The winning pot is, therefore, shared between the players fairly.

What to do When Someone Goes all In?

Only eligible in specific live dealer table options regarding poker. Any player can go “all in” denoting to the rest of the players they’ve nothing left to play with. This only makes the player calling “all in” to be eligible to win a portion of the pot relative to the sum they place their “all in” bet as.

Put your poker knowledge and skills to the test with our online poker guide:

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