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Lottery features don't play a huge role amongst online casino games within casinos, but nevertheless, keno online is one of those options. In this Keno guide, you will be able to learn how to play keno online, understand the rules and access the best casinos in New Zealand offering the game of keno.

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Keno Online Keno Online

Best Casinos to Play Keno

As mentioned, lottery games are rare inside of online casinos, but they do exist. If you are looking to learn how to play keno NZ players are able to do so here and after, join a number of highly recommended online casinos to gain financial returns from this game.

Finding a licensed keno online casino can be picked from these top 5 options listed below:

Introducing Keno Online

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The origins of keno hark back thousands of years from ancient China, created by Cheug Leung. The game was originally created as a financial tool to support the military within his city. Keno raised the money for the army and as such were able to defeat the enemy at the time.

The game soon spread over Europe in the next thousand years and in the 1800s the game of Keno was picked up in the United States of America.

The original Chinese game went from 120 numbers down to 80. With the wave of Chinese immigrants in the US, the game took its primary base in the area of San Francisco. The Chinese characters that came with the game were changed to numerals to make the game more accessible to English speaking players.

In America, gambling at this time was legal, however, lotteries were deemed illegal. To jump through loopholes, keno was soon called Race Horse Keno. This gave the impression that each of the numbers within the game was representational of a horse. This led to the game being classed as horse race betting and, thusly, players were able to remain playing despite the illegal threat over lottery games.

Over the following decades, keno spread over the US and adaptions were made in how numbers were drawn and how prizes were won. The most important turning point in keno came when Warren Nelson a casino owner first installed the game in his casino and brought about the famous ball cage where numbered balls were drawn.

Online Gaming Access

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Keno is a game that is presented by both live and virtual machines. The opportunity to play live retains the social feel of the game and through virtual machines, players are able to play faster games across many different styles and themes. The virtual games of keno are, in some cases, integrated with added special bonus features to expand the opportunities to win.

How to Play Keno

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What is keno? Keno is a real money lottery game that is played with random numbers and keno cards to mark off those that match the players betting choices. It is similar to bingo but has more betting forms within the game.

With an online game, which you will most likely be playing, this is how you play keno online:

Game Card: The online game displays a grid of numbers 1 to 80 and with this comes the player's ticket/card where 20 numbers or less can be picked in hopes of matching what numbered balls drop from the game.

Paytable: The table will highlight the payout should you win. You will note, that more correct numbers don't necessarily mean more in a return of payment. Getting 6 numbers out of 6 can pay up to 1800x on a winning. Whereas 6 numbers from 14 may only net a return that's 2x your wager.

Quick Pick: This is an auto-play function that can select the numbers on your behalf. This allows for faster play over a series of auto-selected games, that would mean you can play if busy with another task.

Playing Online Keno

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Not sure how to start off your Keno experience? We've got you covered! Since you're new to the casino scene, we understand that sometimes you things seem all over the place. That said, you've got nothing to worry about in this case. Here are a few simple steps to kickstart your keno gaming experience with a bang!

  • Inside your NZ dollar casino, head to the games menu and keno is found under the Specialty option.
  • Load the keno game, noting that there could be a number of variants optional to pick from.
  • When the game loads, select your betting value and begin by picking the numbers you predict will drop. You can select 1 to 20 numbers.
  • You can then select how many games you wish to play with these numbers. Therefore, if you bet $1 and play 10 games, this costs $10.
  • The game will begin upon pressing the play button. The numbers will be drawn, and you are then able to discover if you are the winner.

Keno Rules and Glossary

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The rules of play are fairly simple but there are three key points to keep in the back of your mind whilst playing the game either as a live or virtual feature.

  • The numbers you pick are limited to 20, some variants may be less with a limit of 15.
  • Some of the virtual machine games will allow you to play a minimum of one number but the standard is two.
  • Some keno multiplier rules exist, you will have to check with each game's rules to establish what is available as they are not all the same.

Terms Used in Keno

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If you're new to the game of keno, then the following glossary terms used within the game are going to help you learn and understand some of the meanings. This is a full and complete glossary that covers everything to do with playing online casino Keno.

Terms of Engagement

Aggregate Limit: This denotes that the values to be won can fluctuate depending on the number of players playing the game at one time. this could lead to a boom in prize offers or a decreased value. With virtual machines the prizes are based on the value of your wager, so the higher you bet the bigger the return.

Balls: These are the game's main features that are numbered from one to eighty. The balls are drawn at random from the game that determines who the winners are within any round played.

Bankroll: This is the expendable funds that players are betting with.

Bet: Your bet is your wagered prediction in the game as to which numbers will be drawn from the game.

Caller: In the live casino games, the caller is the host and introduces the games and calls the drawn numbers as they drop.

Closed: This signifies that the game is about to start and the option to bet is now closed.

Draw: The draw refers to the 20 balls drawn from the game to determine if your predicted numbers are correct for a win.

Field: The remaining numbers unmarked for your final bet.

Flashboard: The flashboard highlights the numbers drawn.

Goose: The goose is a slang term for the mechanical device that shakes and mixes the ball up if you were to play keno live.

Hit: Every hit is a confirmed win on a predicted number. If you bet on 10 numbers and get 10 correct you hit 10 winning numbers.

House: The house is the casino.

House Edge: The house edge in keno is approximately 30%. This edge denotes the advantage the casino has over the players taking part before the game even begins.

Mark: The mark is the highlight of the numbers you pick, as in ''marking your selection''

Open: Bets are now open as the game is not yet closed to begin playing.

Paytable: All possible payment returns relating to the optional bets.

Random Number Generator: The Random Number Generator is the game's internal programming algorithm. The RNG determines wins based on random chance using numerical matches from the numbers you pick and the mix of numbers that are drawn. If they match, a payment is made.

Spot: This slag is in reference to the marked numbers on your keno card.

Ticket: Ticket is also referred to as the card. The term ticket is more associated with the live games and those which are bought from high street counters.

Tournament: The option of tournament play is admittedly rare inside of online casinos. When they are available, this means players take on other casino members through several rounds, the more profit made from a game gains entry into the next round. The jackpot final is a pool prize shared from 2nd to 5th whilst the winner takes the largest amount from the pot.

Way Ticket: Your keno card will note 2 extra keno bets that are available, relative to the variant of keno you end up playing.

Keno Systems Strategy

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What keno systems strategy options are there? Is there a keno strategy winning technique? Well, we're not going to lie and tell you that there are countless ways to rig a win and beat the house. There are no legitimate strategies for keno and if you read anywhere else that there are, it's a big fat lie.

Keno wins are purely random and based on luck. No jackpot has been won with all 20 numbers guessed correctly. 10 number has been won and it landed a $4.5 million payout.

The only way to benefit from the game is to play a smaller selection of numbers and build wins over a period of time.

Tips for Keno

  • Play consistent numbers rather than rotate.
  • Use keno bonuses so the casino pays for your games rather than you.
  • Check the paytable to see which games are more profitable.
  • Budget is the best self-management that allows you to play longer.

Choosing Your Casino

As you discover the best NZ casino games, we encourage you to consider reading our casino guides and reviews such as the $30 deposit casino and new casinos list in New Zealand that will help you choose the best casino that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a reliable online casino that won't break the bank? Check out our recommended $5 deposit casino, $10 deposit casino, live casino and sport betting sites options. These casinos offer a variety of exciting games and attractive offers, including free spins no deposit NZ bonuses and deposit $1 get $20 deals.

Plus, if you're in New Zealand, you'll be happy to know that our recommended online casinos NZ dollars acceptance is widespread. But it's not just about the bonuses and deposit options - we also prioritize fast pay outs, so you can get your winnings quickly and hassle-free. That's why we've included the fastest pay out online casino options which include MiFinity casinos on our list. Don't waste any more time searching for the best casinos for real money and join one of our recommended safest online casinos in NZ today to commence your gaming adventure - sign up today and start playing! As an added advantage for high roller gaming, you can try a $30 deposit casino or $20 deposit bonus NZ casino and get in on the action. Bigger bonuses, and more bonus spins for VIP players.

FAQ: Top Keno Queries Answered

How to play keno and win?

In a game of keno a player can pick up to 20 numbers, but this is relative to what variant of keno you play. In order to win, players must match numbers that are drawn, making keno a game based purely on luck.

What Is Instant Keno?

Instant keno are games which are accessible via the casino you join, but by playing through their mobile app. Games on mobile casino apps load much faster than going via a browser. Thusly, why it is called instant keno.

Where can I play keno?

Players in New Zealand can access a number of online casinos that offer the option of keno online. Here are the top 5 currently supplying kiwi players day and night with the game. • Jackpot City Casino • Spin Casino • Voodoo Dreams • Rizk Casino • Platinum Play


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