Craps Game Online – Where to play the Best Casino Games of Craps in NZ

When it comes to the niche options in the realm of online casino games, then craps is top of the list. A game that's played with dice and has been made famous by every Hollywood film that has a casino scene in it. Through this guide, you will learn all about craps online gambling.

There are two forms of Craps inside the best casinos online. There are live craps games where you are able to compete and play with other members of the site. Then you have virtual craps games that are scaled-down versions of the game.

To access the very best of these options from New Zealand of fully regulated and safe casinos, then here are the TOP 5 Craps casinos to join in 2024.

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Craps Game Online Craps Game Online

History of Craps

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It has been suggested that the game of Craps was invented by Roman soldiers, which began by using their shields and pig bones. Though perhaps the more logical theory comes from the Arabic dice game known as Al Dar. This was brought into Europe during the 12th Century. The game was picked up and developed, in the year 1125, this was known as Hazard, created by Sir William of Tyre.

The game remained in existence up into the 17th Century as it made its way from the British-Isles into France where it became hugely popular. French migration took the game over to America in this period and this became known as Craps. As the game came with little equipment, street craps was formed for those not of notability and wealth.

The more standard version of craps was raised in New Orleans, where the game developed some flaws in the betting options. This was later corrected with the invention of the 'don't pass' bet in the 19th Century.

The game had now peaked in its evolution and since hitting the scenes in Vegas in the early 1930s, it has gone on to become an American icon of gaming.

Putting the Craps Game Online

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With online craps NZ players can get a taste of this American classic in both virtual and live gaming glory.

Craps is a game unlike anything else yet has some familiar traits that hint to roulette and also Sic Bo. For a new player to see a Craps table layout it's understandable why it may be off-putting for some.

Craps is one of the very few dice games that can be played in any NZ online casino, it doesn't come with any variants of the game, so it is a pure one-off.

Now, granted Craps is a simple game to play, but only once you have mastered the rules and the rules of betting.

Basic Craps

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For full insight on how to play, you can read a complete guide on the craps dice game rules found here.

The basic rule of the game is to guess what total number will be rolled from the dice. The game is sectioned into rounds. To help clarify the basics, we've broken them down.

  • You are referred to as the Shooter and will roll the dice.
  • Bets are placed on various areas of the table.
  • Winning and losing are relative to what you roll.
  • As Shooter, you must roll a particular number to advance to the next round.
  • Rolls of 7 or 11 equal a win for you.
  • Now, in Craps bets can be made for or against the roll of a dice.
  • 'Pass' bets support the Shooter, 'Don't' bets are against.

This is looking at craps in its most basic form, take note though that there is a lot more to learn when it comes to the specifics.

Why Play this Casino Game?

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There are many online craps reviews that circulate the Internet and they all will tell you the same thing. This is indeed a great game to play, but it just requires a bit of practice.

Craps is a game that offers many ways of winning, you can bet for the player shooting and against. You have a huge selection of odds that are possible only with a game that uses dice.

The game is purely driven luck, so no involvement of skill or tactical approach can lower the advantages, all players are on an equal field of play, in this case, table of play.

Worthy Points of Benefits Opting to go with Craps:

  • Rare dice game
  • Optional bets win for and against Shooter
  • Free play optional with bonuses
  • Mobile friendly games
  • Plenty of demo games exist to practice on
  • Low house edge between 0.42% and 1.41%

Glossary: Terms within Craps Games

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If you're new to the game of craps, then the following glossary terms used within the game are going to help you learn and understand some of the meanings.

This is a full and complete glossary that covers everything to do with playing online casino craps.

Terms of Engagement

Ace: When a single dice displays a value of one.

All Spots We Got: This is a slang term for rolling a one.

Arm: Skilled dice thrower that is able to affect the outcome of the game.

Betting Right: Betting that is placed with the pass line. (refer to Right Bettor for more explanation).

Betting Wrong: Bets put on at don't pass line. (refer to Wrong Bettor for more explanation).

Big Red: Slang for when a roll of 7 is made.

Bones: Slang in reference to the dice.

Boys: A terms used for the game's dealers.

Boxman: Supervisor of the dealers at the table and chips, this person is hired by the casino.

Capped Dice: faux dice rigged to land on specific numbers.

Center Field: Slang for when a 9 is rolled.

Cold Table: If bad luck hits a table and no one is winning.

Colour Up: When exchanging smaller change for lager notes.

Come Out Roll: The Shooters first dice roll in a new round; this sets the point of the round.

Crap Out: When a 2, 3, or 12 is thrown during the come-out roll.

Crap Numbers: This refers to numbers 2, 3, and 12 from both dice.

Easy Way: Rolling a 4, 6, 8, or 10 without a matching double.

Edge: refer to House Edge.

Fever: Slang for landing a 5 on a roll.

Front Line: Alternative term for the pass line bet.

George: If playing in a real casino, this refers to a person that tips the dealer big-style.

Hard Number: Paired numbers from a roll, given they are harder to get.

House Edge: This is the advantage of play the casino has over the players before play has even begun.

Hot Table: when luck strikes and players of the table are all winning.

Insurance Bet: a protected wager to secure part of the initial bet.

Little Joe: Slang for landing a 4 from a roll.

Little Phoebe: Slang relating to a 5 roll.

Marker: the point number of a round is marked by a plastic disk.

Natural: Rolling a 7 or 11 during the initial come-out roll.

Outside Numbers: Referring to 4, 5, 9, and 10.

Parlay A Bet: This bet covers profit from a bet added to your original stake and then wagering all of it.

Payoff: The winning amount paid out.

Payout: The calculation of the final odds based on betting options.

Place Numbers: Referring to 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

Point: At the point of the come-out roll, this point number is established.

Press a Bet: Doubling an existing bet you've made.

Puppy Paws: Slang for rolling 10.

Rail: The area of the craps table where you make your bets.

Right Bettor: Referring to any player placing bets on the pass line.

Seven Out: Before the point roll you land a 7.

Skinny McKinney: Slang for landing a 7.

Snake Eyes: Slang for getting one on each dice, looks like snake eyes.

Square Pair: Slang for rolling a pair of 4s, classed as a hard 8.

Stickman: Casino employee that control the dice on the table and announce the roll and outcome.

Toke: Refers to the tip of a dealer.

Up Pops the Devil: Slang for a 7 roll.

Winner on Dark Side: Slang if you roll a 3.

Working Bets: Lined up bets awaiting the next Shooter roll.

Wrong Bettor: Refers to players placing bets on the don't pass line.

You are now ready to experience the best games online and play Craps with confidence. Enjoy!

Choosing Your Casino

As you discover the best NZ casino games, we encourage you to consider reading our casino guides and reviews such as the $20 deposit casino and new casinos list in New Zealand that will help you choose the best casino that meets your needs.


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