Casino War Online – Guiding Players to the Best Games of Casino War

One of the most rarest of casino games played online, Casino War is a delightful card game that is the very definition of being a niche game. Our guide to casino war online introduces you to this rare gem and informs you of the rules, strategies, bonuses and best casinos in New Zealand that offer it on a plate.

An Introduction to Casino War Online


Though hard to find as a game online, it is hugely popular among those that played the game in their childhood. Casino war online is no different from how it was played with a real deck of cards and two competitive players.

In the realm of virtual play, the card game is available as a machine game and in super rare sites, as a live table game where you play against the host and dealer of the table.

The game is the easiest of all card games, you could learn and play this in seconds whereas games like poker, blackjack and baccarat will take you a good few minutes to hours to learn and master.

War is simple, entertaining and once you have a taste of battle, it is a game you cannot put down.

How to Play Casino War


The game of casino war plays out on a table just like any other card game. The dealer is your opponent with you sat on the other side of the table to battle against them. The dealer will draw, in turn, cards for you and themself. From your hand, winning is simply down to who has the higher-ranking cards.

It is a game very similar to that called Snap! There are two ways to bet - either you to win or the game to time.

If your card is higher in rank this beats the dealer and you win at 2 to 1. A tie varies but can be up to 10 to 1 odds.

The number of decks can vary also if you come across different variants of the game made by different software developers.

There is a twist, should there be a draw, that’s when WAR commences!

Game Ties


In casino war, a tie gives you the option to go to war or to surrender. Normally with card games like blackjack, a ‘push’ is required in the event of a tie. This would mean that as a player, you have neither won nor lost. With casino war, the outcome of a tie means battle is afoot. You must either place another wager matching your original to win the war or surrender to forfeit half your original bet.

The option of going to war means that the dealer must also match the stake. The dealer will now proceed to burn three cards. Note: the term ‘burn’ is dealing unused cards that won’t be used to show fair play.

Once three cards are burnt, you will be dealt a new card and the dealer will also have a new card. The winner of this WAR round takes all.

Strategies of War


Are there any casino war strategies to take advantage of? How about FIVE of them? Let's take a closer look below:

  • Avoid the side bets that come with casino war variants. These will offer you betting options on the side away from the game’s main initial bets. In Casino War, the tie bet is also considered a side bet, so even though the odds are tasty, the 10 to 1 odds are like that for a reason.
  • Do no Surrender in the event of a draw/tie. Surrendering means a loss of half you wager and at this stage of the game, the house edge is at 3.7%. Should you go to war, the house odds are actually reduced to 2.8%.
  • Aces are the highest ranked hand in the game, if you have not clocked an ace for a while during a round, then you can then start hedging your bets to land a winning ace card.
  • Betting smart is essential to be in the game for the long-haul. Only raise your betting value when you win so you are effectively protecting the original bankroll.
  • Walk away if you’re feeling battle-scarred

All these strategies can be picked up from one overriding factor and that is to practice! Practice with free online casino games and you encompass all of the following:

  • Learn the rules
  • Make mistakes with no repercussions
  • Discover different variants and styles of the game
  • Practice bet hedging techniques
  • Explore different gaming developers and their software
  • Look for patterns in play
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Casino War Odds


When you have a fast-paced game that settles on the highest card winning, don’t expect to be making a big profit margin from just a few games. War is all about small building profits, playing smart and betting smarter. This is all because of the odds and house edge involved. As with all casino games online, the house has an advantage and you’re just the enemy in their eyes.

With a single deck the house edge looks like this:

1 deck = 2.06% with a bonus or 2.42% with no bonus and if you surrender 2.94% and 35.29% if you tie.

Now, if you play 2, 3, or 4 decks:

  • 2 decks = 2.24% with a bonus or 2.70% with no bonus and if you surrender 3.40% and 25.24% if you tie
  • 3 decks = 2.29% with a bonus or 2.79% with no bonus and if you surrender 3.55% and 21.94% if you tie
  • 4 decks = 2.31% with a bonus or 2.84% with no bonus and if you surrender 3.62% and 20.29% if you tie

FAQ: Casino War Questions Answered

How to play casino war?

When you play casino war online, you are up against the dealer. In turn, one card will be dealt to you and the dealer, whoever has the highest-ranking card (ace being the highest) wins the round. Should the game tie, then the option to ‘go to war’ or ‘surrender’, if you surrender, you lose half your original stake. If you go to war you can double your return as the round is replayed to decide the winner.

What are the odds of casino war?

The game of casino war is a 50% split, however, if there is a tie, which pays at 10 to 1, the house edge changes for the next round. If you surrender the edge of going to war jumps from a standard 2.33% up to 3.70%. Hence why you should never surrender.

At which casinos can I play casino war?

Casino War is a rare game to find, fortunately for players in New Zealand, we have lined up 5 of the current best sites that provide the game. • All Slots Casino • Jackpot City Casino • Dunder • Spin Casino • Gaming Club Casino

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