Blackjack Online – A Player’s Guide to Online Casino Blackjack

Looking for the best online casino games that feature cards? Blackjack online is one of the most popular, and here we discuss areas of blackjack that will teach you about blackjack rules, strategy of blackjack and bonuses for the game that are offered by New Zealand's best online casinos.

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TOP 3 Online Casinos for Kiwi Blackjack Players
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Blackjack Online Blackjack Online

Best Casinos: Finding Online Blackjack NZ Games

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So, which are the best online blackjack sites? Well, before we discuss the best NZ online casino for blackjack, let us tell you what types of blackjack there are. Once you understand the qualities of the games that are available, you are then in a better position to decide which platform offers better services for fans of the game.

There are two types of blackjack. The first is virtual gameplay, these are machines not too dissimilar to slots and then you have the live dealer games where you are able to play one on one against the table's host.

If you are solely focused on playing machines over live cards, then a casino best suited for you wouldn't make the option of that site having a live dealer section a consideration.

If, however, you wish to play live, then you are going to want this additional platform feature to play against the dealer.

Here we give you the top 3 virtual machine sites. The top 3 live sites and the top 3 that provide both.

Top 3 virtual blackjack sites:

Top 3 live dealer blackjack sites:

Top 3 mixed blackjack sites:

History: Before Blackjack Online

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The blackjack game has been around since the early 1700s. Given time and a lack of recorded history about the actual game, there is no definitive recording as to where the game was first invented or why it was invented. The general consensus is that the card game originated in France, where the game Chemin de Fer was popular at the time.

Some theorise that this game was invented by the Romans and rather than cards to settle a game, wooden numbered blocks were used.

More information regarding blackjack comes to light in the 18th Century. There was a breed of card games coming out of Italy and Spain, Trente-Un and Settee Mezzo. Cards were beginning to evolve as point games, whereby the Jack, Queen and King cards were no-longer cards of merit but of a specific value that affected the outcome of a game.

In the 19th Century, migration took centre stage in America and in 1820 the game of blackjack would be played inside of the legal gambling halls of New Orleans and not so legal ones outside. Though the name of Blackjack was not commonplace at the time, the game was still referred to as 21 and a true establishment of the blackjack rules were born.

During the 20th Century, this all changed, and Blackjack was born, the game grew and became popular with the rise of Vegas and what followed also makes its way into the history books with the invention of the Internet.

Blackjack in New Zealand: Blackjack Online Casino Success

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When looking at online blackjack NZ players will have an abundance of options before them. When looking at the popularity of the game here in New Zealand, there is enough to satisfy the appetite of players throughout all the recommended NZD casinos in our TOP 10 list.

The popularity of the game is evident by the numbers that have already registered to these virtual venues and having the card game amongst the casino's top hottest games being played.

The average online players will spend at least two to three hours playing live games of blackjack. Unsurprising as the live format is wholly engrossing to a player.

An average casino can hold up to 20 different virtual machine games offering a mix of variants and the same mix can be found in the live section of the casino.

This is one of the most famous card games in existence and NZ players share the passion for it in great numbers as you would expect from any other country.

How to Play: Blackjack Online Games

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With the best online blackjack available, you won't be short of options to play and experiment with. If you are an entirely new gambler looking to venture into the world of card gaming, then we do have a complete guide to the rules that come with blackjack and also a guide that looks at blackjack basic strategy ideas that you can read here in the link.

Blackjack Rules

In this section, we briefly cover the game's rules and some of the terms used in the game. for a complete overview, please head to our actual rules guide.

  • Players are dealt two cards.
  • The dealer is dealt two cards, one of which is face up to the player.
  • The object of the game is to create a value of 21 or as close to without going over.
  • If you wish to ask for further cards to build your value, you can 'Hit' for additional ones.
  • If you are happy with the total you have, you will inform the dealer that you 'Stand'
  • If you wish to form two separate betting values from your cards, you action a 'Split', whereby you then get cards added to your new individual hands to reach 21 or as close to.
  • The term 'double down' is a paid wager to obtain an extra card to boost your value and your returned winnings.
  • Only when you are happy with your card value, will the dealer reveal their second card to show their total.
  • If the dealer has a hand better than yours i.e. getting 21 when you have a lower sum, the casino wins.
  • If your hand is stronger than the casino's i.e. getting 21 and the casinos is lower, you will win.

Blackjack Formats: How will you be playing?

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As mentioned, there are two main primary forms of playing this card game online. This section looks at this and highlights some other key forms.

Virtual Blackjack

These machine games are very similar to slots. This takes the cards and table and puts them in a virtual form where the principles of play are not too dissimilar to a slot fruit machine. Here the spins are replaced by deals. You will select your betting wagers from the optional chip values and receive your hand, to which, you can decide your next move.

With virtual card games, a deal or turn of the cards is no different to the rotation of a slot reel. This means you are up against an algorithm program that uses a Random Number Generator sequencing tool to determine your outcome, giving players the sense of fairness which the RNG algorithm tries to do.

There are many variations of blackjack that come in the form of virtual machines, so you won't be short of experimental options if you love what the card game offers.

Live Blackjack

Live casino game will allow you to play against the streamed live dealer at the table and to take part in various tournaments should the casino provide this possible service. For many players of the game, this is the most preferred gaming option.

As with the virtual games, live forms of Blackjack allow you to experience a number of variants to the original format. The arena of live gaming also offers special tables: low, medium and high stakes and special VIP tables.

The preference of the live format comes down to the fact there are no machines and programs involved. This is as real as it can get for an online casino service and you get to watch the whole thing play out and you can communicate with the dealer and other players via the chat service.

Free Demo Blackjack

You can play free online casino games of this through the Internet and our site. There are two types of free demo gaming. There are the free mobile app games, these are games not affiliated with any online casino and, therefore, do not give you the same gaming experience.

Then you have the authentic free demos made by online casino software developers, allowing you to play real money casino games minus the cash settlement. These are ideal to practice on and learn the rules through because you will be able to play them for real money once registered with any of the casinos online in New Zealand.

Find out more about variant of Blackjack which is Pontoon online.

Bonuses: Best Online Blackjack Rewards

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If you want to experience FREE blackjack online gambling, then this is 100% possible. There are a number of online promotions that allow you to play games with extra cash funds, casino bonus codes, free spins for virtual tables and so on.

Here are some of the examples that can be classed as being an eligible blackjack bonus.

  • Welcome Bonus: This exclusive offer granted to new players only often provides a cash booster that will allow you to play games longer and place more bets, thus increasing your chances of a profitable return from expendable money.
  • Free Spins: These are not just for slot games. If you claim free spins, you will find they are also eligible to use on the virtual machines of blackjack also. The number of spins can vary and the bonus itself can be part of a welcome bonus package, singular promotion or as a loyalty bonus.
  • Loyalty Bonus: These are rewards that are tailored to your favourite types of games and are usually given as a no deposit bonus. If you happen to play blackjack a lot, your bonuses will become directed towards this and given to you as a simple thanks at random points throughout your membership.
  • Lucky Card Bonus: There are some live casino games that slip into the decks a lucky card. If this is dealt to you, you will automatically win a cash sum with no strings attached.
  • Multiplier Win Bonus: There are a number of live dealer tables that offer an extra cash reward should you win a number of games in a row. Usually, 4 or 5 and a cash reward is given thereafter. This can be up to $5,000 extra for you to cash out and keep.

Choosing Your Casino

Choosing a casino could leave you in a dilemma because of the many options and features that exist with casinos, and rushing to pick casino might make you miss out on even better options. That is why we urge our readers to consider reading the rest of our casino guides and reviews such as the casinos with high roller bonus and new casino sites in New Zealand to make a more confident choice.

FAQ: Answering Top 5 Blackjack Questions

Where can I find the best online blackjack?

All the best games are found inside our TOP 10 list of NZ casinos. You can access every known variant of blackjack and play them as a virtual game or as a live dealer option.

Can I play blackjack online for money?

Yes! 100% you can play for money and in return win real NZ dollars back. Every format of blackjack and every variant of the game can be played for money and all the best casinos will support you with FCA regulated banking services so you can deposit and withdraw your money securely and quickly.

How much do professional blackjack players earn?

Millions! The best of the best professionals can earn up to half a million from the right tournaments. Outside of tournament play and on a single game to game basis, a professional can earn approximately £400 per hour with a betting spread over $100 to $500.

What is online blackjack?

Blackjack is a card game accessible via the Internet that is offered by casinos. Players must reach a score of 21 from the cards dealt and beat the casino’s dealers, that also have cards to try and beat you.

Is it safe to play online blackjack?

Every casino listed via our website is fully regulated and licensed. The casinos all use 128-bit SSL encryption technology to provide player security. You can learn more about the validity of New Zealand’s best online casinos by checking out their independent reviews.


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