Bingo Online – The Best Player’s Guide to Online Bingo Games

One of the most loved of all online casino games is the iconic feature of Bingo. With the ultimate online bingo guide that we have created, you will be able to access all the best online bingo features, bonuses, strategies and New Zealand's top bingo sites to experience them in.

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Best Sites: Online Bingo NZ

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Which are the best online bingo sites? Well, because the stigma of bingo not really been classed as a casino game per-say, the options are limited. You are still able to access a number of games from these top three operators:

  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Royal Vegas
  • All Slots Casino

These bingo casino online sites mostly provide the entertainment of bingo in their virtual machine forms, but that's not to say you can experience bingo online and a live game with multiple rooms and players within playing against each other for a mega jackpot prize, like you would expect in land-based bingo halls.

History of Bingo

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Bingo has been played for decades, loved by all ages, though seemingly tarnished as an old players game. Well, with age comes wisdom and you'd be very wise to show interest in one of the most thrilling, heart-pounding games available inside of online casinos.

Bingo is a game that traces as far back as 1530, Italy. The game was played every Saturday night and remains the case even today. The bingo game travelled to France in the 1770s and was called 'Le Lotto';. The growth of the game then ventured into Germany about the time of the 1800s.

In America, the game was known as Beano. Reserved as a county fair game, host of the bingo would select discs from a cigar box, these were numbered and corresponded to the cards and tickets paid form by players looking to win some Beano money!

Bingo started to hit the mainstream in 1930 when Carl Leffler developed 6,000 different cards so numbers were not repeated.

Bingo was never traditionally classed as a gambling game and, thusly, never made it into the casinos. Bingo was a social game and was played in churches, nursing homes and commonly had a place within the charitable communities.

Once it became a feature offering life-changing jackpots, the rest was history after the Internet.

Bingo Numbers Online

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If you opt to play online bingo NZ players can enjoy live games presented by live hosts. These are the jewels in online bingo sites because they are so rare. If you have never played bingo before in any capacity, then brace yourself for a truly unique experience.

To help new players come to term (literally) with the bingo numbers online, here is a list of the names the bingo caller shouts in association with the number.

Bingo Numbers and Names

Ball Number 1Kelly's eyeBall Number 31Get up and runBall Number 61Baker's bun
Ball Number 2One little duckBall Number 32Buckle my shoeBall Number 62Turn the screw/Tickety-boo
Ball Number 3Cup of teaBall Number 33Dirty knee/ Fish, chips & peas /All the threesBall Number 63Tickle me 63
Ball Number 4Knock at the doorBall Number 34Ask for moreBall Number 64Red raw
Ball Number 5Man aliveBall Number 35Jump and jiveBall Number 65Old age pension
Ball Number 6Tom Mix/Half a dozenBall Number 36Three dozenBall Number 66Clickety click
Ball Number 7Lucky sevenBall Number 37More than elevenBall Number 67Stairway to heaven
Ball Number 8Garden gateBall Number 38Christmas cakeBall Number 68Saving Grace
Ball Number 9Doctor's ordersBall Number 3939 stepsBall Number 69Favourite of mine
Ball Number 10[Prime Minister's name]'s denBall Number 40Life beginsBall Number 70Three score and ten
Ball Number 11Legs elevenBall Number 41Time for funBall Number 71Bang on the drum
Ball Number 12One dozenBall Number 42Winnie the PoohBall Number 72Six dozen
Ball Number 13Unlucky for someBall Number 43Down on your kneesBall Number 73Queen bee
Ball Number 14Valentine's DayBall Number 44Droopy drawersBall Number 74Hit the floor
Ball Number 15Young and keenBall Number 45Top of the shopBall Number 75Strive and strive
Ball Number 16Sweet 16 and never been kissedBall Number 46Up to tricksBall Number 76Trombones
Ball Number 17Dancing queenBall Number 47Four and sevenBall Number 77Sunset strip
Ball Number 18Coming of ageBall Number 48Four dozenBall Number 7839 more
Ball Number 19Goodbye teensBall Number 49PCBall Number 79One more time
Ball Number 20One scoreBall Number 50Half a centuryBall Number 80Eight and blank
Ball Number 21Royal salute/Key of the doorBall Number 51Tweak of the thumbBall Number 81Stop and run
Ball Number 22Two little ducksBall Number 52Danny La RueBall Number 82Straight on through
Ball Number 23Thee and meBall Number 53Here comes Herbie/Stuck in a treeBall Number 83Time for tea
Ball Number 24Two dozenBall Number 54Clean the floorBall Number 84Seven dozen
Ball Number 25Duck and diveBall Number 55Snakes aliveBall Number 85Staying alive
Ball Number 26Pick and mixBall Number 56Shotts BusBall Number 86Between the sticks
Ball Number 27Gateway to heavenBall Number 57Heinz varietiesBall Number 87Torquay in Devon
Ball Number 28In a state/Over-weightBall Number 58Make them waitBall Number 88Two fat ladies
Ball Number 29Rise and shineBall Number 59Brighton LineBall Number 89Nearly there
Ball Number 30Dirty GertieBall Number 60Five dozenBall Number 90Top of the shop

Online Bingo Games

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With the top online bingo sites, there is a splendour of games you can play. All NZ online casinos recommended on our website are trusted online bingo sites, that provide the best in online gaming development.

There is an abundance of bingo games to play online. Virtual machines in their hundreds designed and made to every style and theme you can possibly imagine.

TOP 3 Online Casinos to Play Bingo
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Rainbow Spins Casino Rainbow Spins
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Caxino casino Caxino Casino €200+ 100 Free Spins
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Grand Ivy Casino Grand Ivy $1500+ 100 Free Spins
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Bingo Formats and Variants

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In the realms of Bingo, there are variants of the traditional 90-Ball Bingo game that you may have not known existed.

Games include:

  • 85-Ball Bingo
  • 80-Ball Bingo
  • 75-Ball Bingo
  • 30-Ball Bingo

When it comes to the live rooms the gaming goes to a whole new level. Live bingo is rare, but it does exist. Live bingo rooms each have their own individual jackpot values. Players can join to battle each other in winning the rewards. Inside the rooms, you can chat with other players to gossip and make friends.

There are some games linked to a super jackpot, but tickets have to be reserved to accommodate those wanting to play by booking early.

If you are yet to play bingo, then head to our guide on bingo rules to learn how to start playing.

Online Bingo Reviews

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Top online bingo sites that provide you with unlimited access to the hottest bingo game in New Zealand. And all wins are paid in NZ dollars.

Jackpot City Casino: Access your online bingo games with an exclusive welcome bonus of $1600. You can play any of the bingo games at Jackpot City with this bonus offer.

Royal Vegas Casino: Join with a new member's welcome bonus of $1200. This exclusive offer will allow you to play the games of bingo found inside this NZ casino.

All Slots Casino: It is not just slots here. Sign up with this casino and you will be able to claim $1500 as part of their new player's welcome bonus and still access their bingo games with this.

FAQ: Answering Top Bingo questions

Where can I play bingo online for money?

We have a number of licensed online casinos that are able to provide you with the best casino bingo in New Zealand. Here are the top three you can join today and play hundreds of virtual bingo games. • Jackpot City Casino • Royal Vegas • All Slots Casino

Can I play bingo for a living?

With any form of gambling, a profession can be possible, though many professionals start rich and continue on from there first major big win, rather than focus on making a living from it with little to no funds.

What are the well-known bingo phrases?

There are many well-known phrases, though some do transcend across different nationalities such as: • Legs Eleven (11) • Two Fat Ladies (88) • Snakes Alive (55) • Two Little Ducks (22) • Lucky Seven (7) • Kelly’s Eye (1)

What is the highest bingo number?

The highest bingo number of any game created is the bingo ball number 90.

Bingo Rules – How to Play Games of Online Bingo and Win

If you want to start playing bingo online, then you need to read this guide first as we take a look at the different variants that are available and their rules.

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