Online Casino Games – The Best Gaming Experience in 2024

What is the most important thing a casino can provide? Games, of course. Here we look at the delights of the online casino and present you with our comprehensive player’s online casino games guide. Yes, here you will learn all about the most popular online casino games you’ll get to experience inside the best NZ casinos online.

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Casino Games and Guides

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Free Casino Games – All the Best Games Online 100% Free 

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Baccarat Casino Online – #1 Real Money Card Game in New Zealand

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Introducing our Review of Online Casino Games

When it comes to casino games online NZ players have one of the largest and most diverse options that would be the envy of many other countries. Here in this review, we look at all the casino games that are provided by the very best casino operators in the New Zealand market.

You will be facing a rich source of entertainment, thrills, drama, excitement, action and cash riches, no matter what your gaming preference is. Everything you could imagine or want to play will be handed to you from each and every one of the options you have listed on our site.

Ready to experience the majesty of the casino?

✅ Biggest online progressive slots and jackpots.

✅ Award-winning live dealer casino tables and games.

✅ All the world’s sporting events and games to bet on.

Variety of Choices

We now present all the most popular online casino games NZ players can look forward to experiencing, playing and winning from.

Table Games: Roulette, Craps and Casino War

Find out more through our table games reviews!

Table games provide players multiple betting opportunities, you get to hedge your bets for that one single result. Roulette, Craps and Casino War are your options and they all feature the same gaming principles. You have a large number of outcomes and you have to predict what the result will be.

Experiencing table games can be done either through the virtual machines or by the many opportunities you have to play live dealer games.

The difference is solely the experience. With virtual machines, you get to play classic games against the game’s programming. With the live dealer, it is you versus another person, with the possibility of multiple-player opportunities.

Both gaming areas allow you to play these traditional games and their variants. An easy example of this and perhaps the only examples is Roulette.

  • French Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Double Wheel Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette

Slots: Bonus Jackpots Slots and Progressive Jackpot

Check out our pokies review!

Slot gaming is familiar to everyone, seen as cabinet games that were located in pubs, clubs, motorway services, amusement arcades and hotels. Slots are a firm favourite and since hitting the online circuit during the mid-90s, they have got bigger and better and if you have not played slots online before, then be prepared for your jaw to drop!

Online pokies are a fantastically easy game to play, but this is not their appeal. They pay out the biggest jackpot values of any game found inside an online casino. Slots are the most diverse of games also. You will be able to explore incredible styles with 3D animation, 8-bit retro class and VR immersive surroundings.

Then you have the themes which slot machines provide. Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Animals, Egypt, Mythology and games that are officially made for Hollywood movies and major TV studios.

  • The Dark Knight™
  • Narcos™
  • Game of Thrones™
  • The Goonies™
  • Jurassic Park™
  • Terminator 2™
  • Gladiator™
  • Titanic™

There are literally over 5000 different online casino slots in circulation on the New Zealand market and a number of them allow you to have a chance to win the world’s biggest online jackpots.

Card Games: Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and Video Poker

Find out about those games through our reviews:

When it comes to card games, you can immediately think of the classics and here, in all the casinos online, you have them. Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and Video Poker.

Video poker is solely a virtual game, taking the cards off the table and placing them into a virtual slot machine. This is a widely diverse gaming option with titles like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Aces & Eights and Jacks or Better, to name a few.

For all other forms of card gaming, you are able to play both as a virtual game and as a live dealer game, just like the tables features of an online casino.

With them come other variants such as:

  • Poker Tournaments
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Pontoon
  • Three Card Poker
  • European Blackjack

There are hundreds of card games to experience and some will require skill and strategy to make a profit from your wager.

Card games for a new player can be off-putting, this is highly common and understandable. Card games require players to learn hands and rules of play that are more complex than your average casino game.

You should take the time to learn these games within free demos before attempting to play with real money. We also have a number of strategy guides for card games that you can read on our site to help you, including blackjack online strategies and poker strategies.

Lottery: Bingo, Keno, and Scratch Cards

Our Lottery casino games reviews:

Lottery games are also a feature of the best casinos online and you can now breathe a sigh of relief if you thought these games weren’t going to be mentioned.

Lottery based games are just as popular, though considered as a ‘non-traditional’ casino game by some in the industry.

Though popular, they are niche games that don’t appear amongst every casino online. Within the NZ casino market, you will have your options.

These include the standard games of Bingo, Keno and Online Scratch Cards. You will find that the majority of these games are solely for the casino platform. There are a few specialist sites that provide live bingo online but none as yet available to NZ players. Some casinos do have live keno, again this is rare. But all scratch cards are virtual games where you won’t be short on options. Perhaps the second largest in gaming numbers after slot machines.

Sports Betting: Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis and Basketball

Sports betting has now become the biggest form of gambling, let’s not deny the fact that many online casinos need sports betting as a feature to help them sustain their services. There is nothing more engrossing than being a passionate sports fan and investing your wisdom and hope into your bets.

If you are one of those know-it-alls about sport or a particular sport, then it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Inside some of the very best NZ casino online, the service of sports betting allows you to bet on the world’s sporting fixtures, games, races, matches, tournaments, leagues, cups. Every kick, swing, punch, run, hit and jump is available to place a bet on. There is no bigger stage and there is no greater feeling than seeing the events unfold in front of your eyes.

The average online casino that supplies the sports betting platform allows you to pick and choose from over 30 global sports.

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Golf
  • F1 Racing
  • Horse Racing

With over 30 sports, each game has a market of odds that enable you to bet on every moment in the even or game. Football betting has taken this to the extreme and is the number one sport in the world to bet on and has helped to evolve online betting as a service.

No longer is the winner or loser determined, you can bet on the number of corners and cards, who will be leading after 10, 30 or 70 minutes, who scores, correct score, half-time results and literally about 3,000 other options.

Sports betting allows you to access live stats, make in-play bets during games, you can mix your betting slip to form accumulators and you can cash out your bet whether your bet in up or even down.

Game Shows: Dream Catcher, Monopoly and Deal or No Deal

This is the newest form of gaming to evolve from software developers powering the casinos we all love. Game Show games are as they sound and feature within the platform of Live Casino.

The games are all presented by a host and will pay and settle the bets you make. There are currently three brand new games on the Internet:

  • Dream Catcher
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Monopoly Live

Dream Catcher and Monopoly are classed as Wheel of Fortune games, whereas Deal or No Deal play as the TV show.

Each is a great game to play and further expands the ways you can win your real money from any of the casinos housing these games.

Advantages of Playing Online Casino Games

There is a clear correlation of numbers that sees a shift from land-based casino numbers to online casino numbers in terms of players. So, there is a clear passion for those wanting to play online, but why is it better to play online casino games rather than continue inside of land-based casinos?

✅ You will have more gaming choice. One casino also can hold over 1500 games!

✅ You will have access to bigger jackpots, larger than any land-based casino.

✅ You will be able to mix your gaming options with Sports Betting.

✅ You can access any site through your mobile device.

✅ You will be better rewarded through casino bonuses and promotions.

There are lots more, but the list looks nicer limited to five. There rest you can experience yourself when you sign-up to one or more of the sites listed here at

Disadvantages of Playing Online

So, what sucks about playing online casino games? Well, as we are honest, we are able to highlight the flaws of casino games in general when played via the Internet. Will they be enough to put you off?

❌ Social gambling is a hugely different environment and there is a spark that becomes missing when playing online.

❌ It can be easy to lose self-control. Hours will fly by and you really need to focus on what you can afford to gamble with.

Advice to Maximise your Experience Online

First and foremost, gambling online should be about fun and entertainment. You and other players have to approach this knowing you are taking a chance. You will not win every single game, you will lose some money, but you will also be able to win money as well.

Never take it too seriously that it spoils the fun. Limit yourself to what you can afford to spend inside a casino and if you are up and winning, do not be foolish to then lose.

Self-management is what separates great players and professionals from those that are just another number in the casino.

Play Casino Games at Online Casino

Clearly highlighted above is a case and point of the games you can play, showing the opportunities you have to win real money online. Not all casinos are the same mind. These gaming options and categories are not confined to every single casino.

Why Play Online Games?

The answer to this is nothing magical or convoluted, these games are simply easy to access if you are of the correct legal age to gamble and they provide constant entertainment. Simple as that.

To go further, if you need further encouragement, online casino games are more diverse in the numbers and the options of what to play. No modern casino on the high-street could provide over 1000 different titles, let alone be able to provide a sports betting option.

Adding to this, you will win more by playing online than you can inside a casino. Land-based casino wins are subject to the number of members it can take in. Casinos online have a higher membership number, and this allows for the jackpots to reach world-record sizes.

A Brief History of Casino Games

It’s true that online casino games in New Zealand are a relatively new thing considering the laws which are implemented for or against online gambling. Some of the gaming features may be entirely new and some may be familiar if you have played inside a land-based casino before.

How the Games Began

Games came before the casino, you can head back to the 9th Century and card games were developed from the Ming Dynasty in China, perhaps earlier. Nothing is known why card game became prominent in this time or why this region, this is lost to time. It is believed it originated in the East and spread into Europe through Arab settlers. Card games were a social lubricant and perhaps made settlement with native people more easier. In Italy card games and evolved and spread into France where new games were also emerging.

Now, this is over a very long period of time and it wasn’t till the 17th Century that the more familiar card and table games we know of now started to emerge. Casinos formed but only for the wealthy to participate in.

When migration happened affecting the Americas, games began to take on new rules and concepts. Again, these games were woven into the social fabric for thousands of years and it wasn’t until it hit American that the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell as created.

Jump forward in time and gambling became a niche for the upper classes and commonplace for the commoner. Come the early 20th Century and Vegas was born and casinos were a part of people’s lives which exposed it to all classes.

Going Online for Entertainment

The first one appeared in 1996, named InterCasino. It started an online revolution no doubt. The casino took real money payment and since has paid winners over 3-BILLION dollars!

Whilst an online source of entertainment, gaming graphics developed, jackpots rose, technology allowed for creative development and marketing allowed for well-known movies and console gaming brands to be part of the casino world.

Slots became progressive jackpot beasts, card and table games were not being streamed form live studios that you could play and sportsbooks when online to give players live streaming games with in-play betting.

The future – Virtual Reality, make no mistake, we have only experienced the very beginnings of what online casino gaming can provide.

Play Free Online Casino Games No Download

Yes, FREE online casino games no download! This is all about giving you the opportunity to experience casino games 100% free before you become a member of a casino online. This is all about getting entertainment and fun for free from any device. This allows you to play real online casino games without needing to download risky apps to your mobile or Mac. 100% authentic, official and licensed online casino games free to play, enjoy and learn from.

Free Demo Games

Ask any professional play what the best strategy is, and they will announce Practice! Practice! and plenty of Practice! Free demo games allow for this. Rather than entering a casino with no clue to the rules and putting finances at risk, a simple practice of a demo game can be all the difference between winning and losing.

Through our site, you can find a number of free demo games, these are made by the same gaming providers and used within all of the casinos you can join. You’ll be a better player for heeding this advice and should you want to play real money games after, you can do so with an air of confidence and understanding.

You can further the opportunity to play the option of online casino games no deposit via specialist bonuses which you can read more from our guide on online no deposit bonuses that allow you to play casino game for real money 100% FREE inside the best NZ casinos online.

Choosing Your Casino

As you discover the best NZ casino games, we encourage you to consider reading our casino guides such as the $1 deposit casino and reviews like the Fresh Casino in New Zealand that will help you decide on the best casino that meets your needs.

FAQ: Answering the Main Asked Question about Casino Games

Here are all the most common questions in relation to the online casino games.

What does the house edge mean?

The House Edge is the casino’s odds advantage over the player of the game. The house edge can change during a game of cards or from the throw of a dice. All casino games come with an edge whereby the casino always has the upper hand.

What are the kinds of casinos games available?

There are thousands of online games forming of traditional forms of play and newly adapted variants. Here we break the common forms of gaming down. Slots: Online Slot Machines, Progressive Jackpots. Card Games: Baccarat, poker, Blackjack Table Games: Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps Live Game Shows Sports Betting Lottery: bingo, Scratch Cards, Keno

Do I have to use real money to play casino games?

Yes and No. Yes, if you want to play online casino games in general, then you will need to use real money in order to gamble. No, if you are able to access free casino bonuses to play with no money required or if you access free casino demo games and play for fun. Some casinos offer the choice of demo play on their sites to give members something to practice before playing with real money or to allow would-be members to test the quality of their games out before signing up.

Which casino offers the best games?

There are three categories of casinos online, though not officially categorised. Casinos with just virtual machine games. Casinos with virtual machine games and live casino games. Casinos with virtual games, live casino games and sports betting. Depending on your preference of play, it would also determine what type of casino you join. The trick to finding the best games is to know who the best software developers are, as they are the ones that supply the casinos online.

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