Murphy Wellington

Murphy Wellington has proven his worth to us over the past four years during which he has been working with our team. He graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington with a first-class English degree, and since then he has gone on to get 14 years of experience in the gambling industry. He is a keen poker player and enjoys playing baccarat and blackjack in his spare time. The main reason he decided to join our team was that he wanted to share some of his vast gambling knowledge with his fellow Kiwis and help our readers easily find legit online casinos.

Murphy was born on the 4th of April, 1984 on Kapiti Island, as the second of four kids to his late parents. As one may think, the name Wellington has something to do with the region bearing the same name. At the time of Murphy’s birth, his parents had just recently moved to Wellington and lived a succession of life-changing events that marked them and in remembrance, the name was given. Growing up, Murphy enjoyed the greenness and feeling of well-being brought by the region’s topography, and he always seemed to have a new phrase to describe every sensation. He completed his primary and secondary school in one of the local schools back then and moved on to Kelbum to further his studies.

In the early 2000s, while he was an undergraduate at the University of Wellington, Murphy had his first academic encounter with gambling during a general course on Culture and History. The Gambling Act had just been passed, incorporating a public health approach to the gambling policy and many socio-economic analyses were ongoing regarding it. Murphy and his fellow mates were exploring the evolution of gambling from the time when cards and athletic games were the main attractions for gamblers; through the banning of some bookmakers’ services to the radical changes that occurred in the 1980s. What seemed, at first sight, a routine kind-of lecture turned out to be the calling Murphy needed to trace his professional life.

Murphy began to grow an interest in gambling, frequently visiting a card game house in his neighborhood where he would exchange with blackjack players. He registered as a club member and was initiated into various card games. He was fascinated by the apparent simplicity of blackjack, which was luck-based but at the same time could be better tackled with a few gaming strategies. Murphy uncovered his undeniable talent for bluffing while playing poker for real money with the best poker players in the club. He would return to his student room late at night with books from the library, not to study for his lessons but to uncover hidden gambling secrets. This growing knowledge in the domain drew attention and, in no time, Murphy was sharing gambling tips with a small group of university gamblers. To ensure that none of this precious knowledge was lost, Murphy documented his ideas in what later became a guide for new poker players. His academic performance considerably dropped during his second and third semesters as he multiplied trips in and out of town to assist in major card game competitions.

Murphy Wellington is known for his poker brat kind-of personality, particularly after taking terrible beatings. He would ask contestants at a game to stop talking when it was his turn to act on his hand and even forfeited a few games where he felt he was mocked. A few opponents who have played against Murphy on several occasions even declare that he’s good at overreacting. During a regional poker event in New Zealand, Murphy was affronting Daniel Merlin, a poker star from Dunedin. Murphy folded an A and a K to Daniel’s bet on a flop of 9, 10, and 7 aces and requested for his hand to be shown. Daniel revealed a pre-flop raise with 10 and 4 diamonds, and seeing this, Murphy began throwing negative comments, ending up with a warning from the floor person.

In 2007, Murphy had his first in-the-money finish at a $2,000 Seven Card Stud Split event and won a whopping $500,000 cash prize at a grand poker tournament organized by some rich fellows in the Caribbean a year later. A few months after, he was visiting Austria’s historic castles and buildings after defeating 234 players at a Card Stud tournament to win $106,250. These major adventures in his player life motivated him to create several instructional videos on blackjack and poker. He has equally written for a few top magazines that focus on card games.

Besides the above, Murphy has collaborated with several digital marketing companies. During a 10 months partnership with a Gisborne start-up company, his research strategy on the promotion of online slot machines brought better user experience through the provision of fair gaming options. He wrote a public diary where he recounts his experience playing across continents, against the smartest card players during major blackjack and poker events. This is accompanied by a humor book where he reveals the biggest frights he had lived when competing against players who are as good bluffers as himself. About 14 years ago, Murphy cut the chase of international tournaments and decided to consecrate his time to something more digital which could be beneficial to fellow gamblers.

Murphy boarded our team at a time when we much need the expertise of a good writer who is a lover of gambling. The incoming of this poker and blackjack big-time player brought a fresh perspective and remodeled our strategies to ensure that our users are constantly satisfied by the quality of services we offer. In the last four years, Murphy Wellington has worked on top-business development areas, reviewed online casino games, and coordinated several gambling campaigns. He has equally put much of his skills and knowledge into writing reliable tips for online card players. His keen eye for poker, card counting skills, and sense of good play are a few key factors that have driven Murphy to the role he plays in our organization.

Outside gambling, Murphy is a lover of good food and has visited Italy, Japan, and France to taste exotic dishes. His connection with literature has taken him to tourist islands in Africa and the desert plains of Saudi Arabia where he recounts to have lived the most incredible adventures of his life.

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