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What exactly is the purpose of this site? This question is one that you will likely ask yourself if this is the first time that you have encountered out site. Well, to explain it as simply as possible, we are a New Zealand online casino comparison site. Us New Zealanders love to play casino games and thankfully there are plenty of online casinos that will let us sign up with them. However, due to this high number, it can be difficult when it comes to finding the best online casino for you. This is where out site comes into action – we provide our readers with in-depth casino reviews as well as guides for casino games, live casino, bonuses, and strategies.

Affiliate Disclosure

We are what is known as an affiliate website, but what exactly is meant by this? Well, an affiliate site is a site that gets commission from another company for promoting what they are selling. The affiliate (us) will provide links on our site to a product (an online casino) and whenever one of our readers uses the link to open an account with an online casino, we will be given commission from that online casino.

Affiliate marketing is something that is really common now. In fact, to give you a good idea as to how popular being an affiliate is nowadays, it is estimated that affiliate marketing rakes in a staggering $12 billion each year, and this number will only get big. Some of the biggest affiliates that you can come across in the world at the moment include eBay Partners and Amazon Associates.

So, now that you know this, there is a good chance that you are sitting there right now wondering whether you can trust anything that we tell you if we get commission each time one of our readers opens an account with an online casino that we talk about. Well, we would like to assure you that we can definitely be trusted as we do not rank the online casinos on our site based on the commission that they give us. We rank all online casinos truthfully, even if that means that we are going to be missing out on money.

Why You Can Trust www.onlinecasinonewzealand.nz

One of the main reasons why you can trust us is that we are a site that is run by experienced online casino experts that truly care about all our readers. We all have plenty of expertise and experience in the world of online gambling, and we enjoy nothing more than being able to share all of our valuable knowledge with our readers. Our aim in life is to compare a wide variety of online casinos that us Kiwis can register with so that you can take the information to help you find the best online casino to suit your gambling requirements.

What is it that helps us to stand out from our competitors? Well, one of the biggest differences between us and our rivals is that we are transparent. There are many online casino comparison websites out there that leave their readers confused and does not help them find the best online casino for them, but this does not happen when you make use of our site. All information we provide our readers is clear and you will never be left sitting there trying to figure out what it is exactly that we are saying.

Additionally, some of our rivals will lie to their readers in order to get them to open an account with an online casino so that they can make some money, but this is not what we do. We have honour and integrity and definitely do not want to trick people in opening an account with the online casinos that we mention on this site. We simply provide you with true information, and then it is up to you do with that knowledge as you feel – whether you choose to try a new online casino or not.

What are the different criteria that we take a close look at when reviewing online casinos? We like to give all our readers in-depth analysis of the best online casinos for New Zealanders, so there are plenty of important criteria that we make sure that we take a good look at. We have listed the main criteria below so that you can get a good idea as to what you can expect from our detailed casino reviews.

  • The welcome bonuses that are available
  • The games that are you can play
  • The software developers they are working with
  • The quality of the customer support
  • The different payment methods available
  • The responsible gambling features put in place

www.onlinecasinonewzealand.nz is a Promoter of Safe Gambling

When you are gambling, it is vital that you bet responsibly to decrease your chances of ending up with some type of gambling issue. There are millions all over the world that have gambling issues that impact them and the families. We truly care about all our readers, so we have made it a point of only promoting online casinos that have a number of responsible gambling features available to their players. Such features that we look out for include the ability to set deposit limits as well as exclude yourself from your account should you feel that your gambling is getting a bit out of hand.

it is paramount that you do so responsibly so that you do not end up with a gambling issue. There are millions of people around the world that have a gambling addiction that not only impacts them but also has an impact on their loved ones. We care about all of our readers, so we will only promote online casinos that have plenty of responsible gambling features in place that their customers can make use of. Such features include customers being able to place deposit limits as well as set up a break from their account should they feel that they are developing a gambling habit that is getting out of control.

Who have we partnered with who help safeguard gamblers from a gambling addiction? Well, if you are after a great app that can help you to overcome a gambling problem, then we recommend you have a look at https://gamban.com. When you install this app on a device of yours, you will no longer be able to gain access to any types of online gambling. This really is a great app that can help you immensely when your willpower starts to slip.

Why Did We Choose www.onlinecasinonewzealand.nz as our Domain Name?

We chose this particular domain name simple because we feel that it is pretty easy for our readers to keep in mind, meaning whenever the time comes that you want to use our valuable information you can simply and quickly type our name into your search engine or find it quickly in your bookmarked sites – we have all long lists nowadays. Furthermore, it is not a complex name, so it can easily be type into a search engine bar without making an error that could mess up your search.

Also, our domain name has keywords related to New Zealand’s online gambling scene, which means that we are able to reach our intended audience, you.

Our Team of Casino Experts

We have explained in detail about what it is exactly that we do, so now we are quickly going to introduce the team to you.

Daniel Luca Chapman - Editor in Chief

As Editor-in-Chief, Daniel is responsible for providing our readers with the latest insights and trends in the world of online gambling. He also plans, edits, and revises content on OCNZ to ensure that our readers are getting the best answers to their online casino questions. His expertise and knowledge of the industry have made him a well-researched figure in the digital space. Without any doubt, his love of technology and financial innovation is infectious, and he’s always on the lookout for new ideas and trends.

Murphy Wellington - Content Writer

About us About us

Murphy Wellington has proven his worth to us over the four years that he has been working here. He graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington with a first-class English degree and since then he has gone on to get 14 years of experience in the gambling industry. He is a keen poker player and also enjoys playing baccarat and blackjack in his spare time. The main reason he decided to join our team was that he wanted to share some of his vast gambling knowledge with his fellow Kiwis and help our readers find the online casinos for them.

Our Main Software Developer Partners

There are many great software developers out there now, but some are a lot better than others. We only partner with the best, and below you can find out a bit more about the game providers that we have teamed up with.


Microgaming first came into being back in 1994, and they have gone on to become one of the biggest software developers in the world. They develop modern and innovative games that keeps their players highly entertained. They do their best to release a new game every month so that things remain nice and fresh. They are also extremely picky about who they team up with and that is understandable as they have a very good reputation that they need to protect. Therefore, if you come across an online casino that offers games that have been developed by this software developer, you can be certain that it is one that can be trusted.


NetEnt have been in the iGaming business for 26 years and when they first arrived on the scene, they just focused on the Scandinavian gaming market. However, they started to grow in stature and now their great games can be enjoyed by casino fans all across the planet. They have teamed up with over 100 online casinos and develop unique games that will certainly entertain you. When it comes to their games’ gameplay and graphics, we are not exaggerating when we say that NetEnt are sitting at the top of the pile. If you love slot games that focus on TV shows and movies, then you have plenty of games to keep you occupied.


Playtech was introduced to the world in 1999 and they have worked extremely hard over the last two decades to become one of the biggest and more popular game providers on the planet. They currently operate in twelve countries and produce roughly 50 new games every year. They are similar to NetEnt in the sense that they also enjoy creating games that are themed on movies and different TV series. So, if these are the type of slot games that you enjoy playing, you should definitely check out what Playtech has on offer.

RealTime Gaming

Realtime Gaming, also called RTG, provide fantastic slot games and tables games to online casino players across the globe. People really love playing their games due to the fact that they are simple and provide countless hours of fun. Since their inception, they have developed about 150 games, which is not as many as other great software developers out there. However, they always take their time when producing a new game as they rather release a couple of top-quality games every few months or so than rushing out 10 mediocre games in the same time frame. They go for quantity above quality, and this is what we love about them.

Betsoft Gaming

Over the last decade, Betsoft has become of the world’s best software developers. They owe their huge success to their experienced team of account managers, engineers, graphic designers, software developers, game designers, 3D animators, and marketing specialists. What helps them to stand out from their competitors is the fact they develop some quality 3D games with amazing graphics that will leave you awestruck. It is their dedication to providing their customers with nothing but excellent games that has helped them get to where they are today. They have even won a number of different awards for the games that they have created.

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